Celebrities who rejected characters that were later iconic

These celebrities unknowingly rejected characters who later became iconic and they gave the opportunity to others to make the characters of their lives.

Tight schedules, little confidence in the project, an unlucky representative, these were some of the reasons why actors and actresses reject a character. However, rejecting them can be a capital mistake because they can lose a role that turns out to be a success.

Angelina Jolie – ‘Diana Prince’ in Wonder Woman2017

Angelina Jolie was the actress chosen to play Diana in Wonder Woman, but the actress turned it down. However, Gal Gadot did the role so well that now few imagine that the character was played by any other actress.

Tom Hanks – ‘Edward’ in Edward Scissorhands1991

Tom Hanks was able to leave Johnny Depp without one of his most iconic roles in his life, however he rejected him to participate in the film The Bonfire of the Vanities.

Gwyneth Paltrow – ‘Rose’ in titanica1997

In an interview Gwyneth Paltrow acknowledged that she had not rejected the role as the protagonist of Titanic, but that she was one of the last two candidates. Finally, Kate Winslet was the one who stayed with the leading role.

George Clooney – ‘Noah’ in Noahs diary2004

The actor acknowledged that he left the film at the last moment because he did not want to look like the young version of Paul Newman, who was going to play Noah when he was older. That’s why Ryan Reynolds took the opportunity at the march and it ended up being one of his best films.

Nicole Kidman – ‘Jane Smith’ in Mr and Mrs smith2005

The Australian actress rejected the film due to scheduling problems and this gave way to Angelina Jolie staying with one of her most iconic characters where her relationship with Brad Pitt ended up.

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