CEISA is recognized for its practices in safety, health and well-being of workers

CEISA is recognized for its practices in safety, health and well-being of workers

Group Special Cements of the Islands (CEISA) has obtained an Honorable Mention in the Zaldívar Scholastic Awards for its risk prevention project “ZERO damage”. These awards, which are awarded annually and at a national level by Mutua Fraternidad-Muprespa, are a recognition of good preventive practices in the work environment carried out by companies.

Since its creation in 1957, CEISA has promoted safe and healthy behaviors in its workforce, all aimed at achieving a good work environment and a better quality of life for employees. In line with this strategy, the company has implemented the “Zero Harm” project, a guideline that goes beyond mere compliance with safety legislation and entails a personal commitment by each and every one of the workers to safe behaviour.

As a result of this commitment and its continuous effort to implement the best practices in preventive health and safety policy, CEISA has just received the Aenor ISO 45001 Certification (Safety and Health at work).

For the general coordinator of CEISA, Claudio Piernavieja, “people are the most important asset of our company, so the protection of their safety and health is a fundamental value in our business culture. Hence our commitment to seek the continuous improvement of our management system and achieve excellence in terms of occupational safety and well-being”.

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