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Motherhood is a personal decision that, if taken, must have family, social and political support so that it can take place in the best possible conditions, both for mothers and for the upbringing of their daughters and sons.

From Save the Children we propose to make a reflexive analysis of motherhood, with the objective that all women who are mothers in Mexico know that they are subject to rights, and that they must have access to information and health services necessary to guarantee the full exercise of her motherhood.

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Parenting is a collective process, therefore, the responsibility for child care is not only the mothers; it is also the parents’ responsibility to be actively involved. We have to promote and build spaces where respect is at the center of accompaniment in the development of children and seek conditions of love, safety and well-being as a task that falls to all of us.

We will achieve this only if we join efforts -private sector, civil society and government-, because only in this way will we guarantee access to goods and services that allow mothers to build life projects in which they feel free and protected; and in which they can exercise their motherhood with dignity and fullness.

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Motherhood is not a sacrifice that requires a double effort; although it is not an easy task, it is pleasant and enjoyable when we leave behind the idea that all care is exclusively for women.

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Josefina Menéndez is CEO of Save the Children

The opinions expressed are the sole responsibility of their authors and are completely independent of the position and editorial line of Forbes Mexico.

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