At what time can the eclipse be seen in Mexico?

The lunar eclipse of this 15 th of May can be seen in Mexico. It is a total lunar eclipse, during which the moon will darken and gradually take on a copper color. For this reason it is also known as the Blood Moon.

The lunar eclipse can be seen in South and Central America, as well as in the eastern part of North America and some regions of Europe and Africa.

At what time to see the lunar eclipse in Mexico?

In Mexico the lunar eclipse It will start at 8:32 p.m. this Sunday, May 15. According to calculations made at NASA. Meanwhile he total eclipse will be observed at 22:29 hours and the Maximum point It will be at 11:11 p.m.

The Universum prepared a special day this Sunday, May 15, in preparation for this astronomical event, it will also feature observation of the eclipse with telescopes.

What happens during the lunar eclipse or Blood Moon?

The total lunar eclipse generally occurs twice a year, when the Sun, Earth and Moon are perfectly aligned and the Moon is in its full phase.

As it plunges into Earth’s shadow, the Moon loses its whiteness. But it is still visible because the sun’s rays, deflected by the Earth, continue to reach it through “atmospheric refraction,” explains Florent Deleflie, of the Paris-PSL Observatory, to AFP.

During an eclipse, only the Earth can illuminate the Moon through this forwarding of red rays.”

The phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye and with a clear sky it is extremely photogenic.

The eclipse will last about five hours and in its total phase – when the star is completely covered by the shadow of the Earth – a little more than an hour.

Florent Deleflie recalls that lunar eclipses have made it possible to demonstrate “since ancient times” that the Earth is round.

On the lunar disk, the boundary between the shadow area and the part illuminated by the Sun is slightly curved: it is the projection of the roundness of the Earth,” he explains.

When will the next lunar eclipse be?

The next total lunar eclipse will occur in November, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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