There’s Fast & Furious, shutters down. The shopkeepers: “They paid us well”

It will not come Vin Diesel to run with his Dodge Charger up river coursenor will we see The Rock Dwayne Johnson show your muscles to the passers-by of the precollina. But in Crimea village there is expectation for the arrival of the racing cars from Fast & Furious. The tenth chapter of one of the most famous sagas in the world arrives for the first time under the Mole. The highlight will be at the end of the month and the film will also be shot in Piazza Crimea, but also in the center on the Vittorio Emanuele I bridge, in Piazza San Carlo, via Roma, Piazza Cln, Galleria San Federico, via Viotti, Largo IV Marzo. It will go on for almost a month, between traffic diversions and closures, because the last shoot is set for 11 June.

As mentioned, we will not see the leading actors – Jason Momoa however he turned to Rome – but only stuntman. Pursuits and even a large ball of fire that will roll in the streets, in particular those of the Crimea village where most of the scenes will be shot. District where there will be some inconvenience for commercial activities, with the production house Wild Side who asked the shops from close shop on 24, 27 and 29 May. In return, traders will be given money. A contract to be signed, with boxes where to insert the Iban, to keep the shutter down and not work on shooting days. Many have done so, and they don’t think there will be major inconveniences. Vincenzo Castellucci of the Crimea bar he admits: «They offered me a very good amount. How many? I can’t say, but I accepted. They assured me they will pay before the movie starts. If they don’t – he laughs – I pull up the shutter and work ». For the bartender, there will not be too many traffic problems in the village: «The closures last a few days. And then, we are talking about Fast & Furious, which is not my favorite genre but is a famous film all over the world. Now everyone will know that we are shooting in Turin and this is good for the city ». He thinks so too Francesco Scirè, a regular customer of the bar and sales inspector by profession: «The more events there are, the better for the city. Turin has been tried by the lockdown, it has to start living again. Welcome Fast & Furious ».

The tenth chapter of the saga will also be shot in via Nice on May 23, in corso San Maurizio, in the Ginzburg garden and in via Pescatore on May 24 and 31, just to mention other locations. “The only flaw will be having to close during the week, I would have preferred to do it on the weekend,” he says Matteoowner of Phone Valley, shop that repairs phones and tablets in corso Fiume. But not everyone will close: «If the ASL does not force me to do so, I will remain open. We are a public service. Of course, I’m sure that for Turin it will be an excellent opportunity to advertise, I’m only sorry for all the parking spaces they have removed “, they say from the Pharmacy at number 4 of corso Fiume.

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