Ricardo Salinas saw favoritism for America

Very active as usual Ricardo Salinas Pliego on social networks, he released some lyrics on his Twitter to comment on the victory of America about him Puebla on the Second Leg of the Quarterfinalsand that he gave his ticket to Semifinals of the Clausura 2022 tournamentafter getting a 4-3 overall.

What owner of TV Azteca or Pueblaonly he will know Uncle Rickas the tweeters call him, sent a suspicious phrase after the Eaglesequipment owned by Televisaeliminated The fringe of the contest.

And it is that the Mexican tycoon, before a publication of his television company, in which he wrote that the Coapa He had advanced with controversy included, he had no qualms about immediately being noticed.

“What a barbarity… I see why they complain about arbitration favoritism with America,” Salinas Pliego signed.

One of the Internet users asked him if he was not on his yacht, because the businessman always presumes it, and he replied that he saw it on satellite television.

Another suggested that he put order, as he reminded him that he has the power in the mexican soccer and the MX League.


In it Going match it was accused that America’s tie in the Cuauhtemoc Stadium it was with a goal from an advanced position by Bruno Valdez, because, although he scored Sebastian Caceresthe ball went to the Paraguayan zone.

And in the second duel, in the Aztec stadiumthe claim was because the arbitrator Fernando Guerrero repeated the penalty Anthony Silva had caught him Diego Valdeswho in the second run made it 2-1.

Another action that caused controversy was an iron Alexander Zendejas that, for some former whistlers, could be a direct red.

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