Mother of family denounces negligence of pediatrician doctor in children’s hospital – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Yazmín Luna, a mother of a family who took her two-year-old baby from the emergency room to the Children’s Specialty Hospital, denounced negligence on the part of a doctor who, by giving her baby an exaggerated amount of medicine, caused his intestines to paralyze.

The mother of the family indicated that the doctor left the office to the waiting room and asked her the reason for her visit, to answer that “a fever is not a reason to come to the Emergency Room” and that she did not even take the baby’s temperature nor his vital signs.

“The doctor did not take me to the office, she went to the waiting room where I was and told me that a fever was not a reason to take her to the emergency room. I told him that I had taken her to another pediatrician and that he had given me 3 mg of the medicine and he told me that it was very little, so he increased the dose to 6 mg and increased the frequency to every 4 hours, “said the mother.

He indicated that on Tuesday morning the girl felt worse and he took her back to the emergency room, he reported to the personnel who treated her on that occasion the amount of medicine indicated by the first doctor and they told him that it was an exaggerated amount and frequency, reason for which her intestines had been paralyzed and that is why the minor was so bad.

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Fortunately, the minor is already stable and her health is rapidly improving, although this is thanks to the fact that another doctor treated her, the girl’s mother and grandmother commented.

For their part, Keyra Portillo and María Guerrero indicated that they had a 2-year-old baby hospitalized since Friday night due to dehydration, and although they said that they had not had a problem with the medical personnel, they said that there is a nurse who runs to the families from the waiting room and tells them they have to be outside the hospital.

Other people agreed that they have seen complaints on social networks such as Facebook, that there is a particular doctor who has been denounced on social networks, although they did not know how to specify the name of the indicated doctor.

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