Kayla Braxton offers her services for jobs outside of WWE

Kayla Braxton has managed to stand out in the McMahon empire especially in her role as an interviewer in WWE. Although clarifies that she is happy with her current job As a behind-the-scenes interviewer for WWE, one of her latest posts shows that she’s looking to diversify her career.

toni storm and kayla braxton smackdown december 3, 2021

In a post made on his official Twitter account, Braxton said he wants to do other things outside of WWE, obviously while maintaining their current functions in the company. Kayla Braxton mentioned that she has no plans to leave the McMahon empire. However, she is very interested in more diverse jobs. She also said that she is willing to make a horror movie, even if her character is the first to die.

«I love my current job And I don’t intend to quit anytime soon, but I want to expand my arsenal. So if any movie or talk show producer follows me and is looking for an entertainment host or a late night show or a horror movie actress (even the one who dies first)Get in touch!”.

We can think that if Braxton can make a publication of this type, it means that his contract with WWE is flexible and that his schedule in the company is not so exhausting. And obviously, wants to earn more money.

Braxton seems like he’s really enjoying his time in WWE right now, especially his fun relationship with Paul Heyman. However, he wants to take advantage of his popularity and do something else in the entertainment industry. It remains to be seen if his fame in WWE helps her get some part in movies or on talk shows.

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