Hugh Jackman Reacts To Deadpool’s MCU Debut

X-Men Origins: Wolverine In addition to being an interesting film for its argument that led us to know the origins of Wolverine and the weapon xit was also because thanks to it two great actors were able to meet: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

And both have given us some of the best moments on social networks thanks to their characteristic sense of humor, with which they bite each other or support each other as good friends, such as the last message from Hugh Jackman in which he shared some advice “Very intelligent” via Twitter ahead of the launch of Dead Pool 3.

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Right now dead pool he is very busy ever since Disney acquired Fox and with it the rights to the film making the character finally debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His first appearance we could see earlier this week and in it both Deadpool and Korg reacted to the latest trailer FreeGuya film in which we also star Ryan Reynolds and which will hit theaters in August.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

In the post you posted Ryan Reynolds with this video, could not miss Hugh Jackman taking advantage of the matter, and the fact is that the actor is extremely indignant because in the 4 minutes and 12 seconds that the video lasts, Reynolds has not deigned to mention it even once.

Although it is true that since the premiere of Logan Hugh Jackman has not returned to incarnate the character of Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds has been trying to get him to be encouraged to be a superhero with him again in a Deadpool movie.

The movie of FreeGuy will be a parody of the world of video games, with NPCs within a video game that is an ordinary banker within the open world of the title Free City who has just tired of his life and decides to make a change.

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