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The State Federation of Bar Associations, Bars and Associations of Baja California, AC (FEDABO) recognized the trajectory of teachers Arnoldo Castilla García and Francisco Javier Pereda Ayala, as pioneering lawyers in the practice of law, and professors at UABC.

This Saturday morning the recognition was carried out, where various Baja California bar associations were present, with which this tribute is made at the state level, and in which Arnoldo Castilla was present, and that in the case of Pereda Ayala, He was received by his wife, Adriana Vidal.

The vice president of the Mexicali Bar Association, Marina del Pilar Olmeda García, was in charge of presenting the winners, whom she referred to as two pioneering lawyers, forgers of the legal culture in Mexico.

Olmeda García commented that she arrived in Mexicali in 1979 from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, when she was already a judge in that city and was also teaching law classes, but her mother brought her to this city because her sisters wanted study at UABC and a young lady like her could not stay alone there.

Thus, one Saturday her father picked her up in Obregón, and on Monday she appeared at Cetys as coordinator of the legal area, but she wanted to teach at the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), where she was director. Pereda Ayala.

She told him of her desire to teach classes and Pereda Ayala offered her the only subject that everyone rejected, Research Methodology, which in the end is a subject that has opened many doors for her in her professional career.

A few days later, he learned that the master’s degree in education would be taught, in which he had to meet certain requirements such as having taught classes at the UABC for several years, among others, obviously he did not meet any of these requirements, but in the end he succeeded get in.

It was in the master’s degree that he met Castilla García, who has the merit and talent of having known how to combine academia with professional practice, having been a full-time teacher at the UABC Law School, and litigating.

At the moment, Castilla García has 3 master’s degrees and a doctorate in law, and has carried out specialized studies in Spain, which is very difficult, since it weighs her to leave the dog, the plants and the husband at home, in that order, emphasized.

The honoree also has the merit of having been a juvenile judge, magistrate, as well as a member of the Judicial Council, in addition, he is a specialist in criminal sciences and one of the pioneers in electoral law.

Pereda Ayala is a specialist in labor law, and has served as president of the Conciliation and Arbitration Board, explained Olmeda García.

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