A scene of Master Chief and Cortana in Halo: The series angers their fans

The live-action Halo series premiered on Paramount+ on March 24., although only for the United States. As it is very likely that you have not yet been able to access it, we warn you that this news contains Minor spoilers for Halo Chapter 8: The Series.

The Halo series has been fraught with controversy even before it was released., due to the fear of its fans that the essence of the video game would not be kept in it. One of the changes that was announced was that for the first time we would see the face of the Master Chief, in order to have a greater emotional connection with him.

But this was not the only change introduced in the adaptation of Halo. The revamped look of the AI ​​Cortana has also been a source of debate among the public, and with the premiere of the penultimate episode of Halo also comes a new controversy.

In the series we are introduced for the first time to the character of Makee, a human who does not appear in the video games and who is here played by Charlie Murphy. After a series of events that take place during the halo chapter 8, Makee and the Master Chief share a sex scene.

Still got a pass the Master Chief loses his virginity in the Halo seriesbut the fact that Cortana is watching the scene makes this creative decision even more disturbing and ends up driving her fans to despair: Paramount spent $10 million per episode for Cortana saw the Master Chief having sex with a Covenant spy.

I’m a little disappointed that the TV series Halo has basically erased asexualitysays a person through Twitter. I get it, it’s not canon, but this is a big part of the identity of the Master Chief as Spartan.

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