“A Jennifer Lopez from the discount store”. Malgioglio’s shots infuriate Spain

Cristiano Malgioglio returns to be talked about for the comments made during the conduct of theEurovision Song Contest. This time the debate is about a statement made on the merits of the performance of Chanel Terrero, representative of Spain in the European music competition, competing with the song “Slo.Mo”. Yes, because, unlike the public and critics, the singer-songwriter and television commentator did not particularly appreciate the artist’s raeggeton performance, calling it “a Jennifer Lopez taken at the discount”. And thus infuriating the Spanish public.

A performance always poised between song and dance, that of Chanel Terrero, which has been compared by many to the skills of artists such as Shakira and Dua Lipa as performers. From many yes, but not from Malgioglio: “I must say that she is beautiful and dances very well – he declared – In fact she is Cuban. But hers is a beach song. A European reggaeton. She is a Jennifer Lopez discount store. There was. a group that could have represented Spain but by a whisker did not pass “. Beside her, co-host Gabriele Corsi, who ironically replied: “You touched her slowly”.

Those who did not touch it softly were the commentators on Twitter, the Spanish ones in particular, who lashed out at Cristiano, accusing him of having been incorrect.

The (unfounded) controversy over the comment to the curvy singer

But Malgioglio is used to criticism. Criticisms dictated by the irreverence of his shots. Like the one about the Albanian singer Ronela Hajati, of which, at the beginning of Eurovision, he said “first of all I would denounce the designer”, attracting accusations (completely unfounded, in that case) of body shaming.


Below, the video of Chanel Terrero’s performance at Eurovision

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