Why is everyone copying Jennifer Lopez?

«For the 500 millionth time … I’ve never had Botox or used any other injectable treatments !! Just to say, ”he wrote and added in defense of him. “I recommend that you spend your time trying to be more positive, kind and cheer people up. Don’t waste it trying to demean others, this will keep you young and beautiful too. I send you my love. #beautyfromtheinsideout #beautyhasnoexpirationdate », nonchalantly rejecting the hater’s inferences.

Obviously, this suggests that Jennifer Lopez is not entirely opposed to some help that can put the skin in a position to maintain itself at its best. It is rumored that he relies on the Thermage to boost collagen production, a procedure that uses radiofrequency, an electrical current that passes through the epidermis and dermis to create heat and trigger a process in which the skin develops more and new supporting protein.

Recently, news has also appeared that her brand JLo Beauty has started a collaboration with the treatment of HydraFacial resurfacinga non-invasive facial cleansing system that acts as a hydro-dermo abrasion thanks to a vacuum effect nib that stimulates cell regeneration, is launched the HydraFacial X JLo Beauty Boostera serum to be applied after the treatment in question to give the iconic brightness of JLo.

Jennifer Lopez, therefore, reached the age of 50 taking care of herself in a methodical way, choosing among the aesthetic treatments the less invasive ones to maintain good levels of collagen in the skin, essential for guaranteeing its elasticity and reducing sagging, and helping its good genes with healthy eating, it is known that he does not drink coffee or alcohol, beauty sleep between 8 and 10 hours a night and lots of it physical activity. Remember the videos he released on social media in 2019 to document the process remise en forme to play a stripper in the movie Hustlers?

This is combined with her ability, or that of her dream team (make-up artist, hair stylist) to make the best use of prop beauty to amplify her natural beauty. From the extensions that many stars have adopted to emulate it, the last as we said was Drew Barrymore and swarms of girls who replicate her hair look on Tik Tok, to the false eyelashes, to the lip pencil for overlining (technique with aesthetics questionable but effective when viewed from a distance) applied over the contour to make the mouth appear larger.

However, Jennifer Lopez owes a lot to hers iron discipline in following fitness routines, healthy nutrition and in always protecting the skin from the sun without straining it positive attitudewhich each time led her to be reborn as a Phoenix after the end of three marriages and many toxic stories, becoming a model of aspirational self-care for the youngest and enviable for her peers.

As she amply demonstrated during SuperBawl 2020, when she staged everything beautiful she had from her talent, to make-up, to soft and supple waves, to curvy body, Jennifer Lopez is capable of amplifying the positive side of herself. , if you have it flaunt it. This is the true JLoGlow: overturn the perspective with anesthetizing smiles, so powerful as to make the heated soup pass as the most anticipated flashback. A matter of points of view.

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