The voice of Generation Z. Darkness and restlessness, reviews in Rome

Fourth and last appointment of the MUSIK SOFIA – PHILOSOPHY AND POP MUSIC cycle for MANZONI IDEE. On Tuesday 24 May at 6.00 pm at the Teatro Manzoni in Rome, ALESSANDRO ALFIERI, Philosopher of mass culture and expert in popular music, returns with “BILLIE EILISH: The voice of Generation Z. Darkness and restlessness”.

Adopting a dark, uncanny and disturbing aesthetic, Billie Eilish is the representative of that generation that in the space of a few years has had to face a series of epochal crises on its skin.

By listening to songs and watching music videos and images, Alessandro Alfieri proposes an analysis capable of highlighting all the complexity that lies behind the entertainment products.

The birth of Pop music has determined the upset of the traditional balance between creativity and market, between imagination and society, between aesthetics and entertainment, involving all the younger generations that have followed one another until today.

Since the Eighties, pop music has adopted sophisticated and original seduction strategies, flirting with art, cinema and fashion, bringing the iconic-visual dimension to a decisive importance compared to the strictly musical one.

For the cycle “MUSIK SOFIA – PHILOSOPHY AND POP MUSIC”, Alessandro Alfieri proposed at the Manzoni Theater a path of four events through acclaimed and well-known pop stars, from the pioneers and progenitors of the genre such as Madonna and Michael Jackson to the new divas of the show such as Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish.

Directed by Alessandro Vaccari, MANZONI IDEE and SCRITTORI IN SCENA, from an idea by Carlo Alighiero, are the cultural proposals of Manzoni in Rome, historic theater in the Prati district, a new point of reference for readers and authors.

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