The health of Pope Francis is a matter of great importance

The Mexican ambassador to the Vatican, Alberto Barrando reflect on the health of Pope Francis, who suffers from a motor problem, apparently of the knee, which prevents him from having freedom of movement.

Barranco takes up the video circulating on social networks where the holy Father and a group of Mexicans hold a brief conversation in which they joke about his condition, to highlight that despite the Pontiff’s good humor and the fact that he has said that he is improving, “this is not visible.”

Contrary to the growing concern within the Vatican walls about the Holy Father Francis’s transportation problems, it turns out that he has the luxury of joking about the matter.

The ambassador points out that, although it is unknown what is the condition suffered by the Popesince it says “there are those who speak of a osteoarthritis that it would be affecting his patella and femur, who speaks of a simple swelling of the knee for which they give him ice packs and who says that the chronic problem he has in the hip has reverted to his knee. The truth is that the signs are becoming more intense in relation to the disease.

The expert lists the various moments in which His Holiness has been seen to suffer from his discomfort, such as when “on his trip to Malta, he had to get off the plane on an elevator platform that is given for people with locomotive problems”.

“Then Easter would come and on Good Friday where he did not lead the way of the cross that runs throughthe Colosseum in Rome and its surroundings”, assures the diplomat, who also considers that, the Pope, “nor was he presiding over the mass that is held year after year, on Holy Saturday celebrating the Resurrection of Christ.”

Barranco narrates that “later a much more dramatic situation would come when he was seen entering St. Peter’s Square in the popemobilesomething that had been reused for a long time”, just like during a meeting of religious, where “the Pope entered to everyone’s surprise, in a wheelchair pulled by a person, that is, dependent on someone”.

“This scenario becomes worrying, not so much because the Pope could not get out of the matter quickly, but because the fact that he may not be taking up the matter, since there are important issues that could fall and that his presence is essential, such as, for example, there is already talk of canceling a tour that was being made to the Congo and Sudan”.

Even, Alberto Barranco He comments that, due to Pope Francis’s state of health, “there is already talk that if the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, received him to talk about peace, he might not come because of his knee problem.”

“A situation that would seem banal but for what the pope represents, it is of enormous importance.”

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