The actress Begoña Vargas shows that she is much more than the new Penelope Cruz

A witch once told Begoña Vargas (Madrid, 1999) that she was an old soul. “But not as old as you think,” concluded the seer. The actress, who recognizes herself “very mystical”, has not lost her faith in astrological charts, Tarot decks and divinatory arts, despite the fact that she has ended up playing a villain of more than 300 years. She is about Evelyn, the character with which she has been incorporated into the second season of
Paradise, the Movistar Plus+ series produced with
The Mediapro Studioand with which a streak continues that only stopped the months of confinement.

He debuted on television with
the other look in 2018 and shortly after in cinema, with
Malasana 32. The revelation came last year as Tere, the young quinqui of
The laws of the border, “the shooting in which I have had the best time,” he says. It was a role that demanded sensuality, magnetism and conviction when it came to giving life to a true neighborhood girl. It is enough to see her arrive one Sunday morning, walking down a lonely Gran Vía, to know that she has all that. It is enough to listen to her for a moment to understand that there is still much more to discover.

WOMAN TODAY. Do you like interviews? A colleague told me that, in one of the first ones, she did not collaborate too much…

BEGOÑA VARGAS. That was at the beginning, when I was 17 years old, when they advised me
what to say and what not. Now I know that the best thing is to be myself. Whoever likes it well, and whoever doesn’t, well, don’t see me.

And how do you think it is?

I don’t like bad vibes, I want
enjoy and live without filters. It makes me lazy to think about doing the right thing all the time.

He left home very young, barely 16 years old.

I am from Loeches, a town half an hour from Madrid. Here I did 1st year of Baccalaureate of Performing Arts, but I told my parents that I wanted to go to
study in the United States Performing Arts really. At the last moment, I got a series and my representative told me that I had to stay. Finally I didn’t
I ran out of place in Madrid for high school and I couldn’t go to the US either.

“And what do I do now?” I thought. I began to
work in a clothing store in Fuencarral street. There were days when I went in at six in the morning, there weren’t even buses at that time, and
my father had to take me by car In a few months, I saved enough to rent a house with two friends in the Ventas area. A year passed, they called me to
the other look And I haven’t stopped working.

When did you feel you had achieved it?

When I finished the first season of The Other Look I had saved a lot and I went to live alone.
“You’re going to be ruined”everyone told me. I knew it was time and, look, I didn’t go bankrupt. He wanted to prove to me that he could and could.

Have you ever had an empty fridge?

I did once leave my parents
they made me a big purchase at the supermarket. They thought that she lived in misery and thus left them calmer. Not that it would hurt to have a
heap of milk and juice cartons.

And what happened to the studies?

I left half
2nd year of Baccalaureate and I think it will stay pending… I wasn’t born to study, and I always passed everything with just the right grade, 5 and that’s it, because more
I didn’t want to make an effort. I was always very clear about what I wanted to do.

Do you believe a lot in instinct also when it comes to acting?

For a few years now, nothing I do has anything to do with my naturalness.
Tere, from the Border Laws, was very contained, while I am all out, overwhelmed. There are always
something of mine in the characters, but they couldn’t be more different from me. In fact, I am looking forward to a role that is more like me.

And what would that character be like?

ugh i’m
very bad when they pressure me for something to happen to me. Well, say something you’re good at. I read people well, I know when someone doesn’t like me and I stop in time. I am extreme in that sense: on first impressions,
I fall great or like ass.
Dariam Cocowith which I agreed
the other look and then in
welcome to edenalways tells me: “I didn’t trust you at all at first.”

Instead, we got to know each other better and
now we are like sisters. It is also something that happens in this industry, as much as they say; these negative energies, these bad vibes,
still exist among women. Well, in this profession and everywhere…

Can you act with someone you don’t connect with?

Yes, but it is more difficult. There are colleagues who
they work alonethat go with your idea and
they don’t listen to you. I need you to give me a little so that
my interpretation grows, but you have to learn to work with people who don’t give you anything. For me, the most difficult part of this profession is listening; no two characters do it the same.

Do you like it when you see it on the screen?

Being absolutely honest, there are times when I see myself and think: “Daughter of my life, what a painting.” I also believe that
this is how you learnwatching you This used to happen to me with 60 or 70% of what I did, now it’s not that I forgive myself, it’s that
I accept myself more. No one is as honest with their own work as you are when you see it. I can’t fool myself; I know when the text has gone, when I am more aware of the microphone and the brand, or when
I’m being Bego and not the character. I know this all sounds very abstract… It sounds like a typical endless conversation between actors.
we are very heavy. Between actors it’s 24/7 thinking about work and I often need to talk about something else. I listen to them talk a little about work and after a while
I change the subject. I don’t want to spend my life talking about people who don’t exist no matter how much I love this job.
You have to oxygenate.

How do you get it?

I go to a party, I walk in the mountains, I meet my colleagues, I put on music… I always dance, because that’s what makes me stop thinking. It is also very good to go to
therapy with the psychologist.

Working with emotions, does therapy help to be a better actress?

Not me, therapy is for Bego. Each one chooses how she wants to work and what she takes from each method, but I
I don’t use my emotions to get to the character. I don’t have to think about my grandmother dying six years ago to cry in a scene. Am
quite technical. I don’t suffer with the characters, but I do
things of his stick to me. The other day I saw myself in
the anthill and I’m not like that, I was doing it as the character I’m with now. Even the tone of my voice changes when I’m with a role. Look, yes, I do therapy partly because of that, because I would go crazy if I didn’t.

In the end, it does have something to do with it…

Yes, but above all it is for
manage my emotionsif I have had a problem with a friend, I have suffered a breakup, I have argued with my mother, or I am not able to
preserve my privacy for my work.

And to manage a bad review?

I haven’t had it yet, but I’m ready if it comes.

How did you experience that Border Laws got 11 nominations and was not one of them?

If I wasn’t nominated, it’s because I didn’t have to be. Let’s see, I’m 22 years old, me right now
I don’t want awards in my life. If they give it to me, I’ll be happy, but it’s not what I work for. This is my passion, I love this job, and what I want is
learn and be happy with what I do. I have to like my work. If you depend on what others think, you will never be happy.
there will always be haters and if there aren’t yet, they will come.

What actresses do you look at?

Uf, a lot, I would like my career to have things from a lot of different actresses… Although I’m more into paying attention to
concrete works. In The Laws…, the inspiration was
Penelope Cruz in Ham, Ham; but in Eden my reference was
Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Gamesand also things about the two actresses in this movie…
Thelma and Louise! But don’t ask me about a specific race, because I don’t want to be like anyone else, I’ll do my own thing. It is obvious that many people inspire me and that I have been excited to meet great people like
Shell Velasco in Malasaña, 32 o
Joseph Sacristan on the High Seas, but I’ve never been a fan of anyone…

…except for Rosalía, who has asked for her for the photos.

The thing is
I love her! She has done something that no one else has done and she is an artist through and through. Who does not see it is that she has

His relationship with Óscar Casas occupied the gossip press. What did she learn from that?

That everything will be known and that it is better to say it yourself.
Oscar and I did not hide, we live our relationship and our break naturally. I still get along great with him and his whole family,
I love you a lot.

How would you define your current state?

Constant, happy, luminous… With
a lot of light!

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