Sinovac begins building a vaccine factory in Chile, delivering 50 million vaccines per year -2022

Photo: Courtesy of Sinovak

Chinese vaccine maker Sinovak began construction of a vaccine factory in Cilicura, Chile, on Thursday. Covering an area of ​​21,000 square meters, the plant learned from the Global Times that, once completed, it could produce 50 million doses of the vaccine a year.

The Sinovak plant will be dedicated to the packaging and manufacturing of vaccines against Kovit-19, hepatitis A and influenza, and will help localize local vaccine production for Chile, according to a Sinovak report to the Global Times.

The Chinese Ambassador to Chile Niu Qingbao sent messages of congratulations for the start of the construction of the Sinovak factory in Chile. He pointed out that Sinovak’s Govt-19 vaccines were the most widely received first injections in Chile and helped Chile become one of the countries with the fastest vaccination speed and the most successful efficacy in controlling the epidemic.

According to Sinovak, Chile launched a mass vaccination campaign in February 2020, and more than 26 million Sinovak vaccines have been distributed in the country so far.

New said the effective cooperation between China and Chile in vaccine development and application is a highlight of the Sino-Chile partnership and an example of international cooperation in fighting the epidemic.

Flavio Salazar, Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of Chile, said at the factory construction act that the project had strategic significance for the Chilean vaccine industry, which had been suspended for about 20 years.

The Sinovac plant in Chile helps foreign and regional countries fight the covit-19 epidemic, strengthening research and development and vaccine manufacturing capacities and their public health services.

In July 2021, the Sinovak production line went into operation in Egypt. This is the first time that China has collaborated with African countries in vaccine production. Sinovac is helping Egypt build a fully automated cold storage house that can store 150 million doses of vaccine, which is expected to be ready by June, making Egypt a vaccination center in Africa.

A total of one million injections of the COVID-19 vaccine, co-produced by another Chinese manufacturer Sinoform and its partner in Myanmar, have been distributed to locals since May 4, according to media reports.

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