RoboCop comes to Fortnite to protect it from crime

Enjoy a new idol in Fortnite this time he arrives on the island Robo Cop a half-human and half-machine being who fights crime with a very particular style, this policeman is here to stay joining the sentinels, you can already find him in the store without a doubt you will enjoy everything that comes with this character and defeating the evil that stalks the surroundings of video game.

“Part man. Machine part. All police. Get the RoboCop outfit now!”

What does the RoboCop costume include?

The RoboCop idol will surprise you with all its accessories that are:

-RoboCop Suit

-Backpacking Accessory LEG-209

– ED-209 Leg Pick

-Mini ED-209 motion gesture

You can buy everything in a single package or separately if you are looking for only one particular piece, the leg bag works just like backpacking.

It is an American science fiction action film released in 1987, the film places us in a very distant future where a policeman named Alex Murphy is killed by criminals, thanks to the Omni Consumer Prodcuts corporation the main character was revived, but as a half-human cyborg half machine called RoboCop, who will have to regain control of the city fighting crime with super strength and different abilities that the OCP gives him.

RoboCop Phrases

-Serve the public, protect the innocent and uphold the law. …

-It’s the best of both worlds. …

Dead or alive, you will come with me. …

-It’s a free society. …

Bad words create bad feelings. …

-Water that you should not drink, do not let it run.

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