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MEXICO CITY.- Linet Puente has positioned herself as one of the most popular hosts of the showis currently part of the team of the renowned program ‘Ventaneando’ where he usually talks about celebrity news.

More than a year ago the journalist would have announced her divorce from her husband Carlos Luis Galán due to infidelity with one of the TV Azteca employees, which caused their separation.

A few hours ago through her social networks, the driver released the health details of her son, Noah, who still maintains a cough with phlegm that has not been able to get rid of it despite the treatment.

Linet had to take him to the hospital who took care of him and made it clear that he was generally finebut there is a little problem with the adenoids that could subject him to surgery.

If there is an issue, it seems that of adenoids, that there is perhaps going to have to be operated on, ”commented the driver.

But the driver pointed out that the minor has some phlegm in his throat, but she assumes that it was the secondary effects of Covid-19, because both have manifested some symptoms that remained after having suffered from the virus.

In addition, Linet added that her doctor was the one who commented that these types of problems have been detected in many children.who had already contracted the virus, that is why they have to continue with continuous attention.

Will Linet open her own Only Fans account?

Through her social networks, the driver came to make a dynamic of questions and answers, in which she took the opportunity to answer some questions that her followers had about her personal life.

One of them would have questioned him about whether he would dare to open an Only Fans account, exclusive content for his subscribersto which she did not rule out the idea of ​​doing so.

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