Kris Jenner criticized for her “outrageous” request to staff during daughter Kendall’s “painful” cucumber cutting scene

KRIS Jenner was criticized for her “outrageous” request to her kitchen staff during her daughter Kendall’s “painful” cucumber cut scene.

The model struggled to slice a cucumber in the latest episode of Kardashians Hulu, and fans have been teasing her ever since.

In the latest episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, Kendall struggles to slice a cucumber on her own for a snack


Kendall, 26, slicing a cucumber went viral on TikTok when the clip was posted by user Michelle Andrews, and now a fan has turned to Kris, 66, on Twitter.

The Twitter user commented, “The way Kendall has zero skill or common sense is painful to see.”

They continued: “But watching Kris staring and not teaching her adult daughter how to do it is horrible, but sure, call the chef without saying please or thank you.”

The user concluded harshly: “No wonder Kendall is entitled to f”.

Kardashian fans criticize Scott Disick for his behavior

Kourtney fans spot the

Another fan remarked, “Kendall doesn’t know how to slice a cucumber on The Kardashians and Kris yelling, ‘Chef!’ coming to help them really puts their wealth in perspective ”.


In the scene where the fans are enraged, Kris noticed that Kendall struggles to cut a cucumber.

Kris asked Kendall if “she wanted the chef to make her a snack.”

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Although Kendall replied, “I’m doing it myself, I just have to cut some cucumber. It’s quite easy ”.

The model then crossed her arms to hold the vegetables down while using the blade.

As she proceeded to slice the cucumber very carefully, Kendall admitted, “I’m a little scared.”

The comment section in the viral TikTok was filled with fans discussing the “weirdness” they had just witnessed.

A fan commented: ” [She said,] ‘It’s easy enough,’ [and] then mince it in the strangest way possible. “

Another joked: “She is so brave that she tries to make it on her own!”

A third added: “The job security that the chef has …”

Another fan contributed: “I always knew they were so far from reality, but watching Kendall try to cut that cucumber was painful.”


Mother-ager Kardashian was criticized for the catastrophe in the kitchen, even though fans were in Kris’s corner when they criticized Scott Disick’s “scary” behavior towards her.

After the three children Scott, 38, shares with his ex Kourtney Kardashian, 43, were left out of his engagement party with Travis Barker, he had a problem with Kris.

Sitting down to lunch with her, Scott snorted, “You don’t invite me over half the shit you do.”

With his birthday just around the corner, Scott questioned what he was doing to celebrate.

Kris looked uncomfortable as she tried to downplay the celebratory dinner she had planned with the whole family.

He said, “Nobody told me,” looking disappointed.

Turning to the snub, Scott complained, “For me to hear that you’re having a little night out and you don’t think about inviting me, it makes me feel complete shit.”

In a confessional, however, Kris had little sympathy.

She said, “I never expected him to be so angry and done for it. He just needs to grow up and be a little more mature ”.

Back at lunch, Scott continued: “Could you imagine if I’d spotted you? He’s just bad! “

Kris replied, “I don’t have a bad bone in my body.”

Then he snapped back: “Yes!”

Kris said, “Wow, he’s shady” and Scott looked close to tears.


After the rant was released on Hulu, fans on Reddit discussed his behavior.

Scott has complained in multiple episodes of feeling left out.

He is the father of Kourtney’s three children, Mason, 12, Penelope, nine, and Reign, seven.

However, many viewers believe his repeated protests about not being invited to family events are unwarranted, given that he and the founder of Poosh split in 2015.


Also in episode five, viewers saw Scott get into a bad argument with Kendall Jenner, 26.

She rushed off after he got into a fight over not being invited to her “intimate” birthday reunion, during which she said she didn’t want to make her sister Kourtney uncomfortable.

As he continued to argue and talk about her, the model grabbed her food and said, “I’m out, it’s so fucking ridiculous.”

Turning away, he added, “I’m so on top of this Scott shit, really.”

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While Travis and Kourtney didn’t feel the need to hold their PDA around Scott, he too has moved on in his personal life.

At the premiere of The Kardashians, he bought 27-year-old Rebecca Donaldson as a date.

The heat went from Kendall to her mom Kris for not helping her daughter and calling the kitchen staff


A clip of the scene went viral on TikTok as fans criticized the model for her lack of cooking skills


However, fans were in Kris's corner when her daughter Kourtney's ex Scott Disick shared harsh words with mom over lunch.


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