Julia Roberts reveals how it feels to have her kids go to college when she couldn’t

Julia Roberts She is a great actress, who at her 54 years still triumphingand in fact he recently recorded a new movie with George Clooney, Ticket to Paradise, which will air this year.

However, she also has another facet that is very important to her, and that is momand it is that she is very dedicated to her three sons, the twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, and Henry.

The twins already have 17 years old, and they will go to universitysomething that has the actress very happy, but nervous at the same time, something with which many mothers identify.

Julia Roberts opens up about her twin sons going to college

In an interview with Extra the famous detailed that her children they are going to college in the fall and she is very excited for them.

“I mean, I feel a little dizzy. You say that, I mean, I’m completely stoked for them. It’s really exciting”, said the actress.

Julia further explained that she did not have the opportunity to go to university, but she feels happy and proud that her children do.

“I was not lucky enough to have a university experience. And to see how it’s happening to them is really fascinating. And yes, I’m excited for them.” assured.

Without at doubt it is rewarding for a mother that her children grow both personally and professionallyand it is something that Julia is experiencing with her older children.

to the minor, Henryhe still has a few years to go, since he has 14 yearsso the famous will make the most of it.

Furthermore, the protagonist of Eat Pray Love, told how difficult was moving with his family in the midst of the pandemic to Northern California.

“We always felt like we were living outside of Los Angeles… I think the move has been great. I think moving in with three teenagers during a pandemic is not for the faint of heart, but we’ve pulled it off and everyone seems to be fine and happy.” said the famous

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