Italy in shock for what happened with Luciano Spalletti

The coach of Napoli, Luciano Spalletti, suffered in recent days a threat in which he said: “16-10-21: Spalletti we will return your Panda… As long as you leave” Swipe to find out what it is!

These are difficult times for the team from southern Italy, since the loss due to the “Scudetto” dispute was a very hard blow for the fans and the coaching staff. Since the Neapolitans will only have to settle for qualifying for the next Champions League.

In this context, the mister experienced crime in Italy firsthand. Since, by October 2021, he suffered the theft of his vehicle, Fiat Panda, late at night. Fact in which the authors of the same could not be found, but given the circumstances, it is possible to award the theft to the same fans of the Italian group. If you do not believe the follies of the Neapolitans!

The car in question is 3.65 meters long, 1.64 meters wide and 1.65 meters high, causing a simple and compact design. While inside there is a 7-inch screen compatible with Apple Car and Android Auto, which allows you to manage mobile phones via Bluetooth and play music via USB. Its purchase value is around 10,000 euros.

Taking into account that Luciano has spent more than 6 months without owning this vehicle and that its sale value has significantly decreased, we consider that the threat made by a handful of fans will not have a good ending for them and the mister will continue to be in charge of the team!

This is what the Fiat Panda looks like

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