Fortnite kicks off The Lantern Trials with challenges and rewards

Epic Games has started during the morning of this Wednesday, April 20 at The lantern tests in fortnite battle royale. The event, which is part of The Lantern Festival 2022 which kicked off in early April, allowing players to get four emoticons, a wrapper and a backpack accessory completing a daily challenge.

For participate in the event Players will need to log in with their Epic Games account on the official website. On that page you will find a Daily challenge for Battle Royale and Zero Build modes (with any number of players) from this Wednesday until Monday, April 25 to change every morning at 6:01 Spanish peninsular time. In addition, there will be an additional challenge each day; Completing one will earn the Guiding Light wrap, and completing two will earn the Dream Lantern backpacking accessory.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Lantern Festival

Daily challenges and rewards

Below we reflect the rewards for each day. Please note that you can only complete one daily challenge per day and that the fifth, from April 24 to 25, allow you to get an emoticon that has not been obtained before:

  • Daily Challenge 1 (April 20 10:00 CEST to April 21 05:59 CEST): Fighting Bunny Emoticon
  • Daily Challenge 2 (April 21 06:01 CEST to April 22 05:59 CEST): Rolling Eyes Emoticon
  • Daily Challenge 3 (April 22 06:01 CEST to April 23 05:59 CEST): Exhausted Jonesy Emoticon
  • Daily Challenge 4 (April 23 06:01 CEST to April 24 05:59 CEST): Disinterested Guard Emoticon
  • Daily Challenge 5 (April 24 06:01 CEST to April 25 05:59 CEST): The emoticons of the previous days
  • First additional objective completed: Wrapping light guide
  • Second additional objective completed: Backpacking accessory Farol onrico

fortnite battle royale its T available free on PC (Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One. In our guide you can check the changes added with the patch 20.20, which has caused us to update our list of the best weapons. In addition, one of the supervillains of spider-man.

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