Young Rock, American Auto and Grand Crew renewed on NBC

Dwayne’s youth series ‘The Rock’ Johnson will return with a third season, second season for the workplace series created by Justin Spitzer and ensemble comedy starring Echo Kellum.

After cancellations of The Endgame, Mr. Mayor and Kenanfinally NBC also gives us some good news. Young Rockthe comedy that tells the wild youth of the former professional wrestler who later became Hollywood star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, will return with a third season. The news was also promoted for a second season American Auto And Grand Crewthe latter despite the not exactly exciting numbers.

Young Rock, NBC’s most popular comedy for 18-49 year-olds

Young Rock (in Italy available on Sky and streaming on NOW) tells, through the decades, the life of Dwayne Johnson with Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant And Uli Latukefu who interpret him in the different phases of his life. Johnson himself also stars in the series as a version of himself running for the 2032 US presidential election. The second season attracted an average of 2 million viewers weekly making it the second comedy of the network after American Auto. But, according to NBC, it remains the most popular with the most attractive audience for advertisers, that is, viewers aged 18 to 49.

American Auto, the surprise comedy of the season

Conceived by the creator of the Superstore Justin Spitzer, American Auto follows the employees of Payne Motors of Detroit, who must adapt to a changing automotive industry. Ana Gasteyer (Saturday Night Live) plays new CEO Katherine Hastings whose leadership, experience and sagacity only partially make up for her total lack of knowledge of cars. With an average of 2.7 million viewers weekly and a rating of 0.5 in the 18-49 age-old target demographic, the series ranked number one among five comedies airing on NBC this season by number of inspectors. So much so that, as reported by Deadlinethe second season will have 13 episodes, 3 more than the first.

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Grand Crew is saved

Created by the screenwriter of Brooklyn-Nine-Nine Phil Augusta Jackson, Grand Crew revolves around a group of African American friends from Los Angeles juggling dating, ups and downs, and goblets of wine from their favorite bar. The cast includes Echo Kellum (Arrow), Nicole Byer (Nailed It!), Justin Cunningham (When They See Us), Aaron Jennings (The Magicians) And Carl Tart (The Good Place). The renewal came despite the ratings – 2 million viewers on average and a rating of 0.4 – were not exciting. Of all the series airing on NBC this season it has been the least seen, above only the Canadian medical drama Transplant.

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