Summary of Cruz Azul vs. Tigres (0-1) | Machine dying in Liguilla

Not even on his court, before his people. Cruz Azul has put the Liguilla uphill after to lose this Thursday at the Azteca Stadium 0-1 against the Tigers del Piojo Herrera, who once again stole the show with claims to the whistle to be sent to the showers next to Diente López, who will miss the Vuelta on Sunday due to a kick to the face by Luis Abraham that was classified as red.

Blue Cross vs. tigers; this was the game

The first few minutes were measured until Sebastián Jurado stole the applause and shouts of the almost 29,000 fans who gathered tonight at the Azteca Stadium. The youth continues in his claim process under the three sky-blue poles and he showed off with a double save after the rude mistake of Julio César Domínguez, because the captain in an attempt to clear ended up giving it to Andre-Pierre Gignac.

The Frenchman took a shot from the right just two meters from Jurado, who saved him spectacularly stretching his arm to the maximum. The ball stayed alive for Rafael Carioca’s second shot, which the goalkeeper also intervened with a rebound and Juan Pablo Vigón kneed him in the head that left him knocked out for a few minutes, but he was able to continue.

Cruz Azul was playing with fire, because before the feline pressure, the sky-blue team backed down and it was a matter of time before a minimum error was taken advantage of by the Piojo squad. And so it happened Adrián Aldrete sliced ​​a center of Jesús Dueñas that did not carry any dangerbut that became the feline winning goal.

In the second half, despite the fact that he was calm throughout the first half, Miguel Herrera was expelled for claiming the VAR review. The same way, Nicolás López had to leave the field as a result of the red for a foul on Luis Abram that was reviewed in the video arbitration, since he raised his left leg and ended up kicking the sky-blue player’s face.

La Maquina began to show more volume of play and Ángel Romero tested Nahuel Guzmán with a shot that the feline was able to stop. Seconds later, the action for which López was expelled was repeated on the opposite side with Christian Tabó in a Chilean attempt in which Vigón also hit the ear, but on this occasion, the referee Fernando Hernández Gómez decided that it was only yellow.

The accidents caused a compensation of nine minutes, which neither of the two sides could take advantage of, nor the Cementeros who played with an extra man from the 60th minute.

Tigres left with the full award from the Azteca and even they can afford to lose in the Vuelta by one goal because the global tie gives them the pass to the Semifinals, so Cruz Azul must win by difference of two annotations to keep the dream of the Décima alive or surely see the end of the Juan Reynoso era as coach.

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