Robert Pattinson | the versatility of his roles

Robert Pattinson: the versatility of his roles (On Friday 13 May 2022)
Robert Thomas Pattinson was born in London on May 13, 1986 to parents Richard and Claire, a vintage car importer and model agency employee. He was encouraged, at the age of 12, to be a model by his mother, but his career ended four years later. The actor admitted that he was not very interested in school, but his attention as a teenager had been captured by the theater. He began helping behind the scenes of his local theater company, before deciding his place was on stage. An agent noticed this and saw potential in him and without hesitation began looking for gods roles professionals in television and cinema. After several small appearances in TV movies, Robert got the part that would have pointed him out, playing the head of the school …Read on metropolitanmagazine

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