Puerto Rican rheumatologists meet for the benefit of patients: Challenges and discoveries

Specialists will focus this weekend on sharing relevant information for their patients.

Dr. Elivette Zambrana, incoming president of the Puerto Rico Association of Rheumatologists. Photo: Provided by the doctor to the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

As a prelude to the Convention of the Association of Rheumatologists of Puerto Ricothe pediatric rheumatologist and incoming president of the Association of Rheumatologists of Puerto Rico, Dr. Elivette Zambranahighlights the educational and care work on the Island offered by members to patients.

Zambrana indicated that the Association supports academic and integration spaces among its members, which are approximately 85 specialists, who will be updating their knowledge this weekend at the annual convention, after two years of absence due to COVID-19.

The incoming president stressed that this moment in the medicine of the subspecialty of rheumatology is giving timely responses to patients, however, she specified that there is still much to discover, “but the advances of the last 20 years, mean that we have alternatives what to offer people with different manifestations of the conditions.”

Another important aspect, in the opinion of the specialist, is that technology and the constant flow of information allow updating and improving response time to patients.

challenges and discoveries

Looking to the future, the pediatric rheumatology specialist stressed that although advances are a relevant part of the practice, challenges are also part of the process, and on this she stressed that there are still aspects of the pathophysiology to be discovered, which could reveal more methods of diagnosis and treatment.

He added that communication and knowledge of the needs of patients in Puerto Rico are the focal point of this process that leads to providing answers to the community.

See the full program:

Convention 2022

The goal, as described by the Dr. Elivette Zambranaincoming president of the Association of Rheumatologists of Puerto Ricoindicated that this event has the participation of Puerto Rican specialists, who will inform their colleagues of the discoveries, doubts and responses to patients on the Island.

Check here the program of the event.

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