Kim Kardashian beats Pete Davidson’s pulse from his exotic SUV

The famous model Kim Kardashian turned on the nets aboard her exotic SUV. An exclusive model that adds to her enviable car collection, but which has the particularity of being one of the most unusual. A different car with which this goddess stole all eyes. We tell you all the details below.

kim kardashian It does not stop captivating the networks. The famous model is in the midst of controversy over one of the videos that were broadcast in the media. However, next to her reality show “kardashian“He does not stop quickening the pulse of his fans. Among them, we find his current partner, the well-known comedian Peter Davidson.

Both are one of the couples of the moment, along with their particular looks, accompanied by a life of great luxury. However, andn this opportunity, all eyes were on Kim’s exotic SUV. A killer model that she acquired with her ex-partner, rapper Kanye West. But as we well know, the goddess rules, and she did not miss an opportunity to show off her unusual model.

Kim got behind the wheel of his Prombron Iron Diamond. A really sensational off-roader, typical of the year 2013 and manufactured by the Russian company Dartz Prombron. However, despite the fact that it is already a couple of years old, it continues to cause a furor on the networks and continues to be a model that stands out from the rest. A rather unusual design, which stood out in security features. An exotic model that only a few can afford to have in their mansion.

Prombron Iron Diamond model.

Kim wanted to compete with the huge and popular Hummer H1, and he showed off next to this off-roader. A car that is more oriented to women, and with Kim’s postcard we can’t expect less. However, it is difficult to imagine going with such a machine to do the shopping at the supermarket or to take the kids to school. But hey… nothing is written about tastes. And Kim, she’s willing to surprise us at every opportunity she gets.

As we can see, this car retains a fairly military style, so it is quite debatable to us if it was really only designed for a female audience. On the other hand, this armored car cost 1.2 million dollars, which gives us the pattern that the couple was not walking around. However, beyond this bad drink and that with West things did not go as expected, Kim was left with a terrible ship in her garage and she doesn’t miss an opportunity to show it off on the streets.

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