Chivas vs Atlas | Highlights LIVE | Quarterfinals First Leg | Closure 2022

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With a double by Jeremy Márquez, the Rojinegros del Atlas hit first in the first leg of the Clausura 2022 quarterfinals after beating Chivas 2-1 at the Akron Stadium.

’96 Great save by Camilo Vargas!

Free kick executed by JJ Macías and the red and black goalkeeper throws himself for the photo, making a good save and gaining minutes by staying on the ground.

’91 The Atlas is saved!

Roberto Alvarado drove the ball into the area and his cross shot went over Camilo’s frame post.

’89 There is nothing, correct the red!

Jorge Pérez relies on the VAR and removes the red for Miguel Ponce. The play remains yellow.

’86 Rojaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for Chivas!

Miguel Ponce goes to the showers. The play does not seem very clear and the VAR will review it.

’65 Saaaaaaaaaaaaan Camilooooooooooooooooooooo!

The Colombian goalkeeper has just made a save that prevents Chicote Calderón’s second.

The red-and-white player faced the rival goal with an advantage, but Camilo came out brave and covered the shot in a spectacular way.

’54 Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal from Chivas!

After several rebounds in the area, Cristian Calderón sends it to the back of the net with a half turn.

’51 Miguel Jiménez keeps Chivas alive!

Julio Furch took advantage of a great filtered pass from Chalá and in the one-on-one against Miguel Jiménez, the red-and-white goalkeeper came out the winner with a great bailout.

Start the Second Time

Jorge Pérez Durán gives the whistle and the actions resume on the field of the Akron Stadium.

Chivas makes two changes. Exit Eduardo Torres and Pavel Pérez. Sergio Flores and JJ Macías enter the field.

End of the First Half

With an advantage for the Rojinegros, the first 45 minutes of the game are over.

’44 Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal from Atlas!

Jeremy Márquez is converted into a great player. In a throw-in, Julio Furch inside the area lowered the ball to Jeremy and the red-and-black sent it to the far post of Jiménez.

’27 Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal from Atlas!

Jeremy Márquez sends it to the back of the net after taking advantage of the rebound that Miguel Jiménez gave in his bailout against Chalá’s shot.

’20 Alarms lit in Chivas!

Tiba Sepúlveda hurts her knee and the referee stops the match.

‘1 Alvarado missed it!

The “Piojo” took advantage of Atlas’ defensive errors and faced Camilo Vargas. In the definition, the auction was very open. This was a goal.

start the match

Jorge Pérez Durán blows his whistle and the ball begins to roll on the field of Akron Stadium. The Classic Tapatío begins!

Chivas Lineup

The loss of “Canelo” Angulo will be replaced by the youth squad Pavel Pérez and thus the Flock will jump onto the field in search of victory.

Atlas Alignment

Despite the loss of Anderson Santamaría, Cocca does not move his line of five and goes with everything to the Akron Stadium court.

The Chivas arrived at Akron!

Between Mariachi music and the shelter of their fans, the Chivas have arrived at the Akron Stadium and we are minutes away from starting the show.

Hard low for the Foxes!

At the last moment, Anderson Santamaría’s withdrawal from Atlas was confirmed and Diego Cocca will have to move him to his scheme.


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