Camila Cabello spoke about her friendship with Selena Gomez

The name of the Cuban currently appears on the front page of international newscasts, the reason being that the 25-year-old interpreter will be in charge of singing before the Champions League final in which Real Madrid and Liverpool will face each other on next May 28 in Paris.

“I am very excited to take the stage at the Uefa Champions League final in Paris this month. I intend to put on a truly special show that brings together the spirit of my Latin heritage and a feeling of togetherness for sports and music fans around the world.”

Camila’s reception with Uefa’s director of ‘marketing’ was impressive “We know that Camila Cabello is one of the most popular artists in the world and she will help us harness the excitement of our fans for the Opening Ceremony performance with a a show that football fans will never forget,” he explained. However, although her fans are jumping on one leg with excitement and seeing how well the artist is doing, she has decided to confess herself and reveal everything she feels when they judge her body.

“People often look at photos of celebrities and want to change their diet or aspire to be like that,” commented Cabello, who beyond showing luxuries and a perfect life, strives to show the absolute reality.

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And it is that, in the middle of his talk, which has been published by People in Spanish. The singer also talked about her friendship with Selena, because let’s remember that recently they published one or another TikTok where the two came out dancing and singing.

“She is someone who has always supported me so much, a good friend and a person with great values… She has a lot of empathy, she is loyal and honest. We have our own little group of friends and we all hang out and all of our conversations are real,” Camila revealed of Selena.

Recently, Gómez had the initiative to invite the Cuban to his podcast “Wondermind” so that they could talk together about mental health. “The fact that you are in therapy does not mean that something is wrong with you and not with other people.

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The stigma of saying that you need help is something that frustrates me, “revealed the singer in the chapter with the actress. And it is that, let us remember that both have gone through harsh criticism of their physique and especially for the weight gain they have had on different occasions, since both Cabello and Gómez have been victims of criticism and ridicule from social network users. who comment on his weight, his physique, his ‘looks’, among others and it is something that has obviously affected his depression, anxiety and everything that his mental health entails.

“Women like her who are so vulnerable and honest with their feelings is a guiding light for me, and I think that’s going to relieve a lot of people who come after her, after me, in the industry, who feel they have to to be perfect”, said the interpreter of “Bam bam” while telling what she really admired about Selena.

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