10 best horror movies to watch this friday the 13th

ANDThis month of May brings with it one of the days that for many is synonymous with bad luck, the famous and dreaded friday the 13th. A date that throughout history has accumulated endless stories full of superstition, mostly tragic and that has also led many people to associate this date with horror movies. So next, we will give you some information about this peculiar date and also some recommendations about the most recommended films of this genre.

Is Friday the 13th an unlucky day?

The superstition of Friday the 13th occurs mainly in Anglo-Saxon countries and Although it has not been scientifically proven that there is a relationship of unfortunate events with this day, As the years went by, Friday the 13th of any month was considered an unlucky day.

10 best horror movies to watch this friday the 13th

The date has also made it an ideal day for horror movie lovers to enjoy their movies. so We leave you some that are considered among the best of all time.

The glow

Considered by many to be one of the best horror movies. Based on the story written by Stephen King, directed by Stanley Kubric and starring Jack Nicholson. The plot tells us the story of a guard who must work at the Overlook Hotel, a place in the mountains with very little contact with people. After a while, Jack Torrance, name of the character, begins to suffer hallucinations and personality changes, due to the influence of an evil entity, the most affected are his wife and son, who will do everything possible to get out of the situation. .

The Exorcist

It is another of the classics of horror movies. The film based on a real event, which occurred in the city of Washington during 1949. It tells the story of Regan, a girl who suffers from a demonic possession which forces her mother to seek help by all means, going through doctors, psychologists until arriving with an exorcist. The original version premiered in 1973 and a new version is expected in the coming months.

Nightmare on Hell Street

Or also known as A Nightmare on Elm Street, with one of the best-known villains of horror movies: Freddy Kruger, Wearing his famous razor-sharp glove, Krueger, a murderer who was burned to death accused of murdering several children, returns to break into the dreams of the young people of a small community and becomes their terror.


Many knew her for its name in Spanish as Juegos Diablicos. Film directed by Steven Spielberg which tells of the terror experienced by a family facing various strange events, which worsen when their youngest daughter named Carol-Anne disappears following a voice coming from the television.


The first version of this work written by Stephen King was released in 1990, but In 2017, a remake arrived that many consider to be superior to the first version. A group of old friends return to the city of Derry in Maine, United States and they will also have to face Pennywise the clown, One of the scariest characters in horror movies. In 2019, the second part will also be released in this new and renewed version.

Evil Dead

Another film of the 80s, in Mexico was carried by title “The devil’s awakening”. This film was written and directed by Sam Raimi and starred Bruce Campbell. It all starts when a group of young people decide to spend a few days in an abandoned cabin, however, in their adventure, they provoke the awakening of an evil spirit that will make them suffer true terror. A remake of Evil Dead, it was released in 2013 and was also considered a great movie.

The spell

A film based on real events told by the testimonies of the researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren who respond to the call for help from the Perron family who lived in Rhode Island during the 1970s. At home, the family suffers from different manifestations caused by the spirit of a child and a music box.

The orphanage

Spanish film that was very well accepted by the public. Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, the story features Laura, who decides to return to the orphanage where she grew up with the intention of creating a space for children with disabilities, however, everything changes when his son disappears after befriending an imaginary friend.

Friday the 13th

Another classic of horror movies from the 80s. This story takes place inside the Crystal Lake camp, where a brutal murder of two monitors took place in 1958. However, more than 20 years later, a group returns to reopen the place , not knowing that they will face nights of terror as a result of a revenge with the character of Jason Voorhees as the main villain.


Directed by Asi Aster, it is a film that has given much to talk about. The plot begins with the death of the Graham family’s grandmother, from that moment on, endless events begin to emerge about Annie, played by Toni Collete. The darkest secrets of her family will come to light.

Why is Friday the 13th considered an unlucky day?

Friday the 13th became famous for being a day of bad luck, mainly due to a religious influence. And as an example it is cited that at the last supper there were 13 people, 12 apostles together with Christ, who was crucified the next day, which was precisely a Friday. It is considered that the fall of the Templars also occurred on a Friday, Friday October 13, 1307 to be more exact.

Nordic legends consider that there are 13 evil spirits.

Meanwhile in England a study carried out between 1989 and 1992 showed that on Friday the 13th, traffic accidents increased by 52%.

Some curious facts about Friday the 13th throughout history

Throughout history there are various situations that have been experienced on a Friday the 13th. Here are some of them.

On Friday, October 13, 1972, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed in Los Andes with 40 passengers and 5 crew members. On the plane, the Old Christians rugby team was traveling, after more than two months, 16 people were rescued alive.

Another disaster, but now at sea. On Friday the 13th of 2012, the Costa Concordia cruise ship capsized, leaving 32 dead. and 2 missing persons. About 4,000 people had to be evacuated.

On Friday, November 13, 2015, the city of Paris, France, suffered various attacks that left 130 people dead and more than 350 people injured.

The deck is said to feature a card that has the number 13 on it, which is illustrated by death, which means a symbol of misfortune.

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