Zero titles, the Juve cycle is over once and for all. But he starts from Allegri to open another one | First page

The bad luck. Arbitrage. Injuries. And obviously the late separation with Cristiano Ronaldo. Those that can be defined as alibis are certainly not lacking. But Juve by definition and tradition should not speak of alibis. All factors that have had a weight, but they are only parts of a season that went the way it shouldn’t have. In extreme and final synthesis, without even a title. It hadn’t happened since 2011, so a perhaps unrepeatable ten-season streak ends with at least one trophy on the bulletin board. It happens, sooner or later it should have happened, it happened. Yet that it is something normal, you just can’t accept iteven at Continassa the reflections are underway because, net of the official declarations, no one can be satisfied with what has been collected this season: the qualification for the Champions League has come well in advance, but in the league Juve has never really been in the running and has failed all the opportunities to hook the scudetto train, Supercoppa and Coppa Italia have faded to the best against the worst rival, an elimination arrived in the Champions League that made more noise for the way than for the score or the opponent.

ZERO SECURITIES. “We come out of a year in which we have not won any trophies. We have to keep this anger that we carry inside to win next year ”: this is how Max Allegri comments late at night. This is true, a point of arrival that must be a starting point. So let this season be a lesson, true. Because the first year of the Allegri-bis saw a non-Juve for too long, never able to win a direct match, too much at the mercy of the episodes. The team is in the process of refounding, many changes are still expected, Allegri was the real man on whom Juve focused for the post-Ronaldo, he knew it would be tough but maybe not so much, he remains untouchable. Thus ends a season with Juve that has achieved the minimum and even something less, has a certainty and is represented by Allegri. Zero Titles is a slogan that hasn’t been heard in these parts for a decade, on a night where only Inter fans are celebrating, it can bother Juventus fans even more considering how it is almost impossible not to read it in the manner of José Mourinho. A cycle of victories has ended, a cycle of players has closed with the farewell of Giorgio Chiellini and that of Paulo Dybala to which others will be added. Another now can, must, begin.

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