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Will Smith is now synonymous with a successful career as an actor, an artist with a Oscar piggyback and even the individual who tipped him a slap in the face to his colleague Chris Rock in the middle of the ceremony where he received precisely the golden statuette, but there was a time before in which the native of Philadelphia dedicated himself exclusively to music. Rap was his favorite genre and in which he had relative success before becoming the star of “The Prince of Rap”, a character with which he became very loved by everyone … except for the rappers themselves.

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The actor who gave life to Richard Williams, father of the tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, in the movie “King Richard”, a film for which he won his first Oscar as an actor in 2022, had not had any experience as such until before his star role as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. However, the vision and intuition of producer Quincy Jones -who was precisely one of the producers of the series- was not wrong.

Jones gave Will Smith the chance to audition and after 15 minutes he knew he was the man they were looking for to play a laid-back but confident teenager leaving his popular city to move into his uncle’s lavish residence. and cousins ​​in Bel-Air.

”You could tell there was no mountain too high for him, and I am so proud of what he has achieved. But he was surrounded by an absolutely stellar cast, and a great writing team and crew, and that should never be overlooked.”Jones once said in a 2015 interview with Time magazine.

The actor with DJ Jazzy Jeff, who gave life to Jazz, the inseparable friend of Will Smith in "The Prince of rap" (Photo: Will Smith/Facebook)
The actor with DJ Jazzy Jeff, who played Jazz, Will Smith’s inseparable friend in “The Prince of Rap” (Photo: Will Smith / Facebook)


The success of the series did not change the life of Will Smith – whose character bore the same name – but it also transformed the perception of hip-hop and rap. The influence of “The Fresh Prince of Rap” allowed the music and culture that Smith expressed through his character to reach all kinds of audiences.

Jones, as a music producer himself, was pleased with this achievement. “Hip-hop was exploding, selling millions of albums a week. The children, both black and white, had become involved in the culture.he recalled in the same interview.

“You had white kids in Iowa walking around with their baseball caps on backwards, but the establishment, as usual, was spooked by the reality of the message in the music. You had C. Delores Tucker, Tipper Gore and other groups trying their best to kill the music, but they couldn’t. The kids had found a voice in hip-hop that spoke to them.”he added.

At the celebration meeting (2020) for the 30 years of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (Photo: Will Smith/Facebook)
At the celebration meeting (2020) for the 30 years of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (Photo: Will Smith / Facebook)


In turn, Susan Borowitz, writer and producer of “The Fresh Prince of Rap,” personally noted the show’s influence on young people. “By the time we get back [a la costa este]we’d hear white kids on the playground using these words that we wrote in the scripts, and it made us laugh out loud: these wealthy white kids from Westchester using ‘Yo, homie.’”Borowitz noted.

“Much of the language passed into white suburban culture. Some rappers were very angry that Will had done this. They felt that he had diluted their culture for this white, middle-class audience.”revealed the same writer.

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