Will Smith is honest about the relationship between his wife and Ozzy Osbourne: “Metal is what I feel”

In his memoirs published last year, Will Smith talks about how his wife ended up at the Ozzy Osbourne festival, Ozzfest. The actor referred to the festival as “the least african american event” in addition to Olympic curling. (via loudwire)

The actor and rapper, in the eye of the storm after slapping comedian Chris Rock onstage during the 94th Academy Awards, has ties to Ozzfest through his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. His nu-metal band Wicked Wisdom performed at Ozzfest 2005.

In his book, Will recalls the experience: “Ozzfest is the least African-American event outside of that big hockey puck and broom thing they do at the Olympics.”

“‘Baby, are you sure you don’t want to do some R&B?'”he asks Jada in the book. “I asked her quietly, but I meant it. ‘Metal is the music I feel,'” Jada answered quietly, but she meant it. So we gathered up our kids and headed down the brick path. blacks to the land of Ozz.”

Then, Will Smith begins to narrate his vision of Ozzfest: “There were all kinds of metal: thrash, industrial, hardcore punk, deathcore, metalcore, post-hardcore, alternative, death, gothic and a. Sharon had seen Jada’s gang and part of her understood. They became friends and Sharon booked Wicked Wisdom on Ozzfest.”

Sharon, as you may know, is a TV presenter and the manager – and wife – of Ozzy Osbourne. Also, she was part of the founding of Ozzfest along with the singer in 1996.

Finally, Will Smith would end up seeing Ozzfest with different eyes, especially after seeing his wife on stage. Furthermore, the consequences of his actions were unexpected.

“Ozzfest is a purist crowd, and what started out as skepticism and rejection, with each show turned first into silence, and finally into respect. Jada’s appearance at Ozzfest was so successful that Guns N’ Roses asked her to open for them on their next tour.”says the actor in his book.

Jada formed Wicked Wisdom in 2002, but the band would break up four years later. However, in May 2021, Will’s daughter Willow Smith reunited the band for a special show. For its part, Ozzfest has not been held since 2018.

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