What does Tom Cruise look like 36 years later in the same pose for “Top Gun”?

It’s been 36 years since Tom Cruise put on his aviator sunglasses, climbed into a fighter jet and climbed to the top of Hollywood with “top gun“, and, finally, a sequel is about to land.

Given this, an image reveals that he has had various physical changes, after almost four decades of the first aviator tape.

Photos: The Nation and AP

The new film of a blockbuster classic gave way to several productions that emulated the heroic sense of American pilots. Now there’s an interesting twist: these air battle experts face the passage of time and the appearance of new technologies.

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The trailer offers better action sequences and a visual close-up to the much more intense mid-air maneuvering experience.

There are some doubts about the history of the main character, his emotions, who seems to stay in that comfort zone of being ‘the hero’, of attracting attention and being able to stay with the girl on duty who, in this case , it would be Jennifer Connelly.

Tom Cruise visits Mexico

On the afternoon of Friday, May 6, Cruise appeared at The Ritz-Carlton for a short greeting to the press and with him was the entire cast of the film: Jennifer Connelly, Monica BarbaroManny Jacinto, Jon Hamm and Miles Teller.

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“I feel very happy to be in Mexico,” said Tom. The film will be released more than 30 years after the original ‘Top Gun’ was released by paramount.

* With information from La Nacion and AP


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