“We have a prepared union”: Santiago Creel attacked AMLO for hiring Cuban doctors

Santiago Creel regretted AMLO's announcement (Photo: Twitter/@SantiagoCreelM)
Santiago Creel regretted AMLO’s announcement (Photo: Twitter/@SantiagoCreelM)

santiago creelVice President of the Chamber of Deputies and member of the National Action Party (BREAD), was launched against the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) in defense of the health sector after the Mexican president reported that more than 500 Cuban medical specialists.

Through your account Twitterthe Vice President of the House praised the work of Mexican doctors because he assured that “we have a guild prepared and with a vocation that deserve more”.

“To the Mexican doctors, my recognition, solidarity and gratitude. It is unfortunate that the President @lopezobrador_ seeks to favor foreign doctors when we have a union prepared and with a vocation that deserves more and better job opportunities,” wrote the PAN member.

The vice president of the Chamber of Deputies criticized AMLO (Photo: Twitter/@SantiagoCreelM)
The vice president of the Chamber of Deputies criticized AMLO (Photo: Twitter/@SantiagoCreelM)

During his tour of various Central American countries and Cuba, the Chief Executive signed a health cooperation agreement which includes the possibility of training of Mexican doctors in Cubafor which scholarships will be awarded, and the acquisition of a vaccine developed by the Caribbean country for boys and girls.

“We are going to hire more than 500 doctors who are already going to be working to fulfill the purpose we have made of guaranteeing the right to health, medical care, medicines, free clinical tests for those who do not have social security and we have already started. , but we have this deficit that we are solving”, declared the Chief Executive in his morning conference on May 9.

According to AMLO, in the neoliberal period public education was affected and that this had consequences in the training of general practitioners and specialists, therefore, there is a shortage of personnel despite the fact that there are hospitals to attend.

AMLO announced that Mexico will hire more than 500 Cuban doctors (Photo: GALO CAÑAS/CUARTOSCURO.COM)
AMLO announced that Mexico will hire more than 500 Cuban doctors (Photo: GALO CAÑAS/CUARTOSCURO.COM)

Given this, colleges, associations and federations of doctors expressed their disapproval “and vigorous protest” before López Obrador’s announcement.

Through a statement, the Mexican doctors considered the action a “serious fault”, as they pointed out that there are health professionals in the country with capacity endorsed by universities“trained in full knowledge of the needs and idiosyncrasies” of the population that are unemployed or workers with “very low” wages or in areas of extreme insecurity.

The health personnel indicated that they will continue to work, together with the Government of Mexico, in the care of patients affected by COVID-19“risking our lives and that of our families, on many occasions buying our personal protective equipment”.

Mexican doctors repudiated López Obrador's announcement (Photo: IMSS/CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Mexican doctors repudiated López Obrador’s announcement (Photo: IMSS/CUARTOSCURO.COM)

For this reason, the announcement by the federal president was “an affront” to them, since, they affirmed, foreign doctors do not meet the required skillsthey do not have duly specified functions, they do not have the requirements established by the current laws, as well as they lack the endorsement of professional associations”.

They also stated that their intervention has not represented benefit for the attention of the population“and if it is a serious inequity for the doctors of our country”.

It is worth mentioning that various personalities of the PAN condemned the opinion signed by López Obrador, such was the case of the national leader of the Blue and Whites, Marko Corteswho mentioned that after the agreement signed by the Tabascan, Mexican doctors have the support of Acción Nacional.

“Strong pronouncement of the Federations, Associations and Medical Colleges against @lopezobrador_, demonstrating their total disapproval and protest at the displacement and disdain to the Mexican doctors. Without a doubt, they have @AccionNacional”, said the blue and white leader on social networks.


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