TWICE’s Momo, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu dance with their choreographer Kiel Tutin to Ariana Grande and their own hits

Several members of TWICE had an adorable meeting with choreographer Kiel Tutin!

On May 11, TWICE’s Momo, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu revealed that they had recently met in person with Kiel Tutin, who choreographed 11 of their songs (as well as working with other famous K-pop artists, including BLACKPINK, aespa, and ITZY). .

The TWICE members wrote on Instagram, “We finally met! Kiel, who has worked on 11 of our choreographies.”

Kiel also shared several photos she took with the TWICE members in the JYP Entertainment practice room on her own Instagram account, writing, “Speechless. Just TWICE. Literally over the moon to meet and dance with 5/9 members [TWICE] (Jeongyeon came to say hello). So sweet and so talented, thank you for my gift and for letting me be the 10th member for a few days hehe.”

He then added, “Whenever I was in JYP, I legitimately felt like I was on the internet. The red wall! Ceiling! Dancing with TWICE in a formation? Amazing”.

In honor of the occasion, the members of TWICE and Kiel danced together to a special medley of TWICE hits that he choreographed, including “FANCY,” “MORE & MORE,” “CRY FOR ME,” and “Feel Special.”

The foursome also shared a special dance video to Ariana Grande’s “Bloodline” that was choreographed by Kiel.

Check out their two new dance videos below!

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