Tom Cruise Rides Two Amazing Bikes In Top Gun (And You’re Going To Love Them)

In the 1986 film, we met a Maverick young man, who is part of the program with which he intends to become the best test pilot in the world, beating all the others who are part of his group.

It is here that he wore his famous look of jeans, bomber jacket and aviator sunglasses, and where we could see him aboard a classic Kawasaki GPZ900Rwhat, like the one you use Marlon Brando in The Wild One (or the ones Cruise himself uses in Mission Impossible), is one of the most famous in cinema.

This bike is considered to be the predecessor of modern sports bikes, as well as being one of the most innovative of the 1980s, with a sophisticated and powerful design that perfectly matched the character of Tom Cruise in the film and reflected who he was as a person and as a pilot. The motorcycle He even competed and won in the Isle of Man TT race, which is one of the most dangerous motorcycle races in existence.

Also, this was the first bike in the world to cross the 150 mph mark. With a top speed of 155 mph (one of the reasons Tom Cruise chose it).

Top Gun: Maverick and the fastest motorcycle in the world


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In the sequel to Top Gun 2, in addition to using an updated version of his classic jet, Tom Cruise has been seen in a NinjaH2R, what is the Kawasaki fastest to date, plus it has a more modern and powerful design, which fits with what happens with the character in the film (and is the one used to “flip” with the character of Jennifer Connelly).

This new bike has a supercharger engine, plus it’s more aerodynamic (it’s the closest thing to a jet on earth) and was created to break down engineering barriers and prove that Kawasaki still in the lead Maverick he must prove to a new generation of drivers that he is still the best.

According to reports, this motorcycle has a value of up to 55,000 euros, which is 1,157,475.07 Mexican pesos.

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