This is what Doctor Strange looked like in the Iron Man armor in the deleted scene of Infinity War

Now what Doctor Strange and his interpreter Benedict Cumberbtachare on everyone’s lips for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the actor himself has recalled one of his most notorious disappointments in the UCM, which is none other than the deleted scene in which he exchanged costumes with Robert Downey Jr. in a specific scene avengers infinity warin which the sorcerer supreme came to equip the iron man armor with some other magical modification. This was stated by the actor in a recent interview for BBC Radio 1in which he has remembered the moment with nostalgia and some disappointment.

We almost saw Doctor Strange as Iron Man

And we all remember the “meeting” in the space of Iron Man and Doctor Strange aboard the ship of one of Thanos’ minions, Ebony Mawafter first visiting New York City near the beginning of avengers infinity war. The deleted scene showed Strange shielding himself from the villain’s stinging and painful torture through Iron Man’s armor, when Iron Man exchanged costumes with the sorcerer supreme for a few moments.

“We were both disappointed. It took a long time to make those suits come together. It was an amazing moment, I mean, having a little bit of that wardrobe with you, it was very, very, very cool. I would love to have seen what that would do combination of magic and technology too,” Cumberbatch acknowledged.

Along with the actor’s statements, we recover the publication shared by the artist Phil Saunders of Marvel in his day and in which we see Strange equipping Tony Stark’s armor with the Eye of Agamotto instead of the reactor From the chest: “One of the first ideas in the script that didn’t make it into the final movie was this hybrid of the Iron Man Mk 50 suit and Dr. Strange. To protect Strange from Maw’s torture, Tony transfers his suit to him. I figured the Eye of Agamotto would have taken the place of Tony’s RT powering up the suit. Later in the scene, Tony gets Strange’s capewhich leads to a strange team”, explained the artist in ArtStation.

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