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Kris Jenner, the great matriarch of the Kardashian clan, showed off the luxuries she has in her mansion in the new chapter of the family reality show “The Kardashians”. The businesswoman moved into her new home in California last year and hosted a reception to show her family and other celebrity guests where she lives and celebrate her birthday.

Among the extravagances that he keeps in his house, his collection of fine porcelain from the most prestigious designers such as Gucci and Hermes stand out. Kris set aside a special room just to store her 10 complete sets of dinnerware. that look neatly arranged on various shelves.

In the advance that Kris Jenner shared on her Instagram account, Kourtney assured that “My mom’s house is beautiful. I know it’s everything she’s ever dreamed of,” as she tells her and Travis, “It’s a real Tiffany lamp, which I got for my birthday.

As Kris took a look at the screening room, piano room, gym, and bar, Kourtney noted how much she loves her mom’s house, “she loves that every room is infused with her personality.”

Khloé also pointed out some of the highlights of the house, like “the table, the ruffles, the martini table”: “Living in the world of Kris Jenner is absolutely fabulous.“.

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“Like being surrounded by absolute opulence and a dirty martini in a crystal glass covered in diamonds… and fabulous things everywhere,” she added.

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