“There are never enough empowering movies”: Katy Perry will star in an animated film

UNITED STATES-. Katy Perry returns to the film industry at the hands of a children’s musical. In the new animated film Melody, the star will lend her voice to the main character, a sweet and shy singer who must find her voice to fight against the evil and jealous pop diva Rose Stellar. The Fireworks interpreter will work closely with the project.

“Hi, I’m Melody!” she wrote. Katy Perry in your account Twitter. To announce the big news of her new movie, the singer accompanied her tweet with some photos of her character. According to dead line, which broke the news, the star is credited as producer. The Unconditionally singer will also write and perform original music for the animated film.

jeremy zagwho created, directed and produced the film, told him dead line that Melody’s story had been in his mind for “years”, but that it was Katy Perry who ultimately helped him realize his vision. “Melody is someone who has to believe in herself, and to do so, she has to learn to love herself before considering how people look at her,” the filmmaker said.

Katy Perry was crossed by the story of Melody

“The great pop stars live in golden castles, they are famous among the paparazzi, but for a girl there is passion and fear. And I’ve never seen anyone as creative as Katy, who embodies this character.” zag. Katy Perry also spoke with dead line and said that the character of Melody “resonated” deeply with her as the mother of a girl. The artist shares her one-year-old daughter Daisy Dove with Orlando Bloom.

“I’ve realized in laying the groundwork for my own daughter to be fearless, confident and brave, that you can’t have enough movies with such strong themes of empowerment,” she explained. Katy Perry. The artist also recalled her own difficult times: “There were a lot of rejections and a lot of loss, almost a decade of that. I went to Los Angeles when I was 17, three record labels signed me and dropped me.”

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