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With very high highs and very low lows, Nicolas Cage’s extensive career has positioned him as an icon of popular culture, his own brand and even a personified meme. With all the mysticism that surrounds the actor and his personal life, it is impossible to discern to what extent we are talking about the person or the character, the truth is that at some point cage He came to be considered one of the best talents of his generation, repeatedly collaborating with renowned directors and even winning the Oscar a Best Actor for his participation in Farewell to Las Vegas – 90% Mike Figgis. It was in the mid-2000s that the professional streak of cage he took a 360-degree turn for the worse, accepting roles in low-quality popcorn movies in order to support his eccentric lifestyle that eventually led to a series of financial problems. Although he was never able to replicate the success of his early days, the star has made much wiser decisions in recent times, offering us tapes like Mandy- 92%, Pig- 95% and his most recent project: The Weight of Talent – 95%, a mix of meta-commentary and comedy that celebrates everything that makes the actor special.

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Written and directed by fledgling filmmaker Tom Gormican, the weight of talent follows cash-strapped Nicolas Cage himself who agrees to make a paid appearance at a billionaire super-fan’s birthday party, but is actually a CIA informant, as the billionaire fan is a mob kingpin and is cast in a Tarantino movie. Apart from cageIn the cast we can find Pedro Pascal, Tiffany Haddish, Sharon Horgan, Ike Barinholtz, Neil Patrick Harris and Paco León.

Since its early premiere at the 2022 SXSW Festival, the weight of talent It was a complete sensation, receiving positive comments from international critics and attendees alike. Soon we will tell you in detail what you can expect from it and why it is the definitive love letter to the life and work of Nicolas Cage.

According to the press, The weight of talent – 95% is a delirious tribute dedicated to cage and his career, celebrating everything that makes him him, and ultimately transforming into a hilarious movie that finds success by never taking itself too seriously. To critics, the writing of this meta-comedy is weird and witty in equal doses, evoking a world that, ridiculous as it may be, makes its own rules and follows them, gracefully revisiting every facet of the film’s past. cage while making an unexpected comment about contemporary cinema and the mechanics of Hollywood. While the premise sounds too crazy to work, the self-deprecating fun at the core of it is said to be charming enough to get sucked into its web of nonsense and references to the actor’s big-screen hits. The address of Gormican was recognized for constructing a feature film with authentic tone and voice that deftly weaves together many different threads without losing style, earning it comparisons to the mind-boggling Do You Want To Be John Malkovich? – 93% Spike Jonze, but much more concerned with showing genuine love for her star and for the cinema itself.

All reviews agree on the same point: cage Y Pascal They are pure dynamite on the set and share a genuine bromance chemistry that carries the full weight of the film on their shoulders. Individually, cage he knows what is expected of him and allows himself to be poked fun at himself to amuse fans with something cathartically silly, delivering one of the best performances of his entire career in the process. According to the experts, Pascal naturally dominates the genre, being a waste of charisma, friendliness and grace that shines like in no other of the productions in which he has been involved. Mixing a plethora of heartwarming moments, seriously impressive action sequences, and riotous banter, the weight of talent marks the absolute zenith of the career of cage and an (unexpected) love letter to the cinema.

Finally, The weight of talent – 95% is a cinematic mad scientist experiment that surprisingly works on just about every level. Here’s a little bit of everything for everyone: with an abundance of references to the filmography of Nicolas Cage and a story where life imitates art (and uses it for laughs), this is an exciting, engaging, funny and fascinating movie. The definitive work of a life.

Here is a compilation of critics and reviews of The Weight of Talent – 95%:

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Marya E Gates of

…in the midst of this meta-commentary on contemporary cinema, the mechanics of Hollywood and the emotional weight of fandom, Cage always knows what is expected of him. In “El Peso del Talento”, he finds the perfect synthesis and, in turn, offers one of the most complex and pleasant performances of his career.

Jude Dry from IndieWire:

It works not only because Cage and Pascal are truly brilliant together, but because the film conjures up a world that, ridiculous as it is, sets its own rules and follows them.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety:

It’s a commercial comedy that has insane fun poking fun at Nicolas Cage, celebrating everything that makes him him, and ultimately transforming into an entertaining movie that just happens to be a little cheesy and something special.

Alec Bojalad from den of geek:

…is genuinely funny. When he creates his own comic pieces, he shines. Cage and Pascal’s chemistry is impeccable with the two actors clearly excited to be in each other’s presence. Pascal, in particular, is a delight.

Meagan Navarro from Bloody Disgusting:

…it’s a raucous ride that will leave you with a smile on your face every time. Cage playing a version of himself makes for a unique meta-comedy that features plenty of heartwarming moments and wild banter that will deepen your appreciation for his work.

joseph tomastik from Loud and Clear Reviews:

The Weight of Talent has good jokes, great lead characters, fun action (including some really impressive car stunts), and solid writing that ties a lot of different threads together nicely. For what could be expected from this project, that is certainly enough.

robert daniels from The Playlist:

…is a true love letter to every facet of Cage’s past and a promising roadmap to his future.

Jacob Hall of slash-film:

…it’s a hard movie to hate. Cage delivers what you’d expect, Pascal even more, and his weird, lovable, genuine friendship represents how many of us feel about Cage these days.

Ryan McQuade from AwardsWatch:

…it’s a lot of fun to watch, totally original, and features committed performances who know their stuff and execute it to perfection. This is a love letter to Nicholas Cage, one that understands that the world needs movie stars like him to keep everything turning.

Drew Tinin from Central Dread:

The Weight of Talent marks the absolute zenith of Cage’s career, where he can poke fun at himself and give one of his best performances at the same time.

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