The ‘rejected’ from Pachuca who returned to the León at First 10 years ago

During his trip from Pachuca a Lion to report as reinforcements of the fair, prior to Opening Tournament 2011, Louis Montes, Carlos Pena Y Edwin Hernandez stopped at a toll booth on the highway and in one of the many talks the Chapo Montes made them imagine what would happen if they managed to get the Esmeraldass, sunk in the Second Division since 2002, will return to the First Division.

Imagine what would happen if we were to ascend!”, commented Luis to his two friends and travel companions, whom he knew from the basic forces of the Club Pachuca; ten months after that casual conversation, the three “rejected” of the Tuzosas the fans of the “Green Bellies” called them, raised the title that accredited the rise of Club Leónafter a dark decade struggling to return to the maximum circuit.

The truth is that when we arrived in León they said that we were the rejected of Pachuca, and that hurt ushit us in the ego and made us get the best of us, “said the Chapo Montes in interview for halftime.

“We had been talking once about Gullit Peña and Aris Hernández, and We used to say that if we managed to ascend, life would change us, and that’s how it was.; it changed the life of us, of the city, of the fans and of all our families”.

By the time they were notified of his departure from Pachucathe three soccer players had already tasted the honeys of the First divisionso the change to the Second meant a hard blow in their young careers.

He hit me, because I was in the First Division and I was playingsuddenly the president spoke to me and told me that the intention was for me to come to León. At that time I took it as a challenge”, he explained mountswho already had 109 official games with the Tuzos and more than 4 thousand 400 minutes in the maximum circuit.

Prior to win the Road Runner Ascent Final on May 12, 2012, Leon had already had three unlucky attemptss to return: in view of Irapuato in 2002-2003, golden in 2003-2004, and the most painful of the three since it was in front of their fans on the Nou Camp Stadium pitch, against Indios de Ciudad Juárez in the 2007-2008 campaign.

It was a group that was very hungry to succeed, players who were not known, but hungry to be promoted to the First Division. We knew what had happened with the team, with the people, the city, they had already had several disappointments and we didn’t want to be one of the crowd, we wanted to change history. It was a city that had not been promoted in 10 years, had lost finals and we had that responsibility. That marks you for life”.

The two plays that gave him life against Correcaminos

A decade later and now enjoying the comforts of the new training facilities (La Esmeralda), the Chapo Montes recalled the game against the Tamaulipas team and the two plays in the Ida duel allowed them to reach the Nou Camp alivewhere they managed to finish the work with a resounding 5-0 win.

The first a save on the goalkeeper’s goal line Meliton Hernandezwhich would have put the score 3-0 in favor of roadrunner and the second the Nacho González’s header at minute 90with which the score in the first leg ended 2-1.

We went and lost to Correcaminos 2-1 when we could come back with a 3-0. There is a ball that Melitón takes out and that gives us life. The team here he came out to eat Roadrunner and we went with the decision to ascend and make history. Those two plays changed the rhythm of the story. Professor Matosas had a lot to do with it, Jesus spoke with us and told us that it was our moment, that there was no turning back”.

In the Lapand with the injection of encouragement for those two plays that marked the first duel, Leon had no rival; before the break he was already winning 3-0 with goals from Gullit Pena, Luis Nieves Y Eder Pacheco. In the second part a double by Darío Burbano made it 6-2 on aggregatethus confirming the return of the Lion Clubafter 10 years in the Second Division.

For me it represented everything. Everything you see here we all started together. Since he started this project with Chucho (Jesús Martínez), he told me how he was going to bewhat he wanted to do and that he wanted me to be an important part and we made the decision to come here”, he concluded Louis Montes.

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