The horror game that was all the rage in 2021 and is available for free on Steam

Valve’s platform is offering one of the scariest horror games out there for free and for a limited time – an unmissable opportunity.

Free Poppy Playtime on Steam

Steam offers free games periodically and forces its users to always be alert so as not to miss anything. Just in case, we present this incredible opportunity to add free of charge to the horror game that was all the rage at its launch in 2021 and that is already a trend on the Steam platform.

The horror game that was all the rage in 2021 and is available for free on Steam

Poppy Playtime is a survival horror game that was installed strongly on Steam after its release in October 2021. This creepy title developed by MOB Games today you can get it for free on steam to play it on PC, its original platform.

This offer corresponds with the launch of the Poppy Playtime chapter 2which is available just as of today, Friday, May 6. Fly in a webor fly in a net as it would be literally translated into Spanish, is the second episode of this saga that captivated lovers of the genre just over six months ago and that promises more emotions in 2022.

Poppy Playtime, free for PC


Poppy Playtime, free for PC

What is Poppy Playtime about, the horror game that is available for free on Steam

Poppy Playtime begins with the reproduction of a quite old commercial where they try to sell a doll that seems to be very intelligent and that “speaks just like a real girl”. After the video, a letter is seen with the following text: “Everyone thinks the workers disappeared 10 years ago. We’re still here. Find the flower”. Next, the location is an abandoned Playtime factory, where Poppy was created. The goal seems to be clear: find out what happened without getting caught trying.

In order to advance in Poppy Playtime the help of two unfoldable toy hands is used that will allow you to interact with the different objects on the map and thus solve the proposed puzzles. In addition, they will serve to move heavy objects and even conduct electricity from one place to another.

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