The best seeds in Minecraft (May 2022)

If you want to play Minecraft, it is highly recommended load a seed to enter directly into a world already created by other users, which has varied environments and everything you need for your game: towns, fortresses, temples… in all kinds of ecosystems.

In this list of best minecraft seeds We leave you some Minecraft worlds, introducing the seed code, to modify the way in which the Minecraft world is generated.


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The best seeds in Minecraft (May 2022)

1959330209 – Bamboo Forest


In this seed you will find a huge bamboo forest, next to the jungle biome. Here you will find pandas very easily, including a panda generator.

572779209 – Looters Post


This is a good seed for raiding a raider outpost, as you’ll find one next to the town you spawn in. Also, there is another village on the other side of the raider post, next to the savannah.

1915631036 – Badlands

minecraft seeds

This seed arises in the middle of the badlands type desert. You will find a mobs spawner nearby, and in its ravine there is a dungeon.



In this seed you appear in the desert, next to a pyramid with many rare objects such as diamonds and gold, hidden, yes, behind many traps.

427074153 – Zombie town

In this Minecraft seed you appear in the middle of two ghost towns, with no villagers, only zombies: your party will look like a Resident Evil as you seek to escape and create a shelter.

141280768 – Abandoned mine


In this seed you will appear in a town, but if you go to the desert biome, you will find a ravine where there is an abandoned mine, as well as waterfalls and lava pits. It is an exceptional place, where you will also find some chests.



Next to the town, you will find a ravine with a fortress in the center, and at the bottom you will find diamonds, something that is usually difficult in Minecraft. Also, next to the town you will find a desert.


In this seed you will enter a town with a secret underground fortress. Dig into the village well to find this fortress.

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And if you run out of ideas, here we leave you the best Minecraft seeds for Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

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