Rihanna impresses with her maternity look with a crystal skirt

rihanna's maternity look with top and skirt with crystals

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  • Rihanna stands out from traditional maternity clothes
  • Rihanna: pregnant at the Dior parade with lingerie and transparencies

    When the singer announced her pregnancy to the whole world, it became one of the most viral topics of the moment. Not only because of the fact that one of the best artists in the music sector was expecting her first baby, but because he did it breaking all the prefixed stereotypes in relation to maternity outfits. Rihanna He gave the big news with a little outfit with low-waisted jeans and a fuchsia pink jacket completely open at the belly area, but if we thought that this was going to be his most risky proposal, we were completely wrong.

    Transparencies, lingerie, lace, ‘crop tops’… Everything that we would never have imagined in a maternity look -or at least not to exaggerated levels- Rihanna has taken it to the extreme in each and every one of her looks during this very special stage of her life. Obviously, this has created a clear opinion division between those who criticize the singer’s boldness and those who praise her for being so authentic and sure of herself.

    But what is totally undeniable is that the star is passionate about fashion and there is nothing in this world that prevents her from maintaining that characteristic essence that defines her.

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    Thus, in this last stage of her pregnancy, Riri decides to take advantage of every last second to surprise us with her riskiest bets. Bets to which today one more joins that could be positioned among the three most explosive.

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    The singer was caught by photographers during her arrival at a popular Santa Monica restaurant. Place where she went with a flashy ‘total look’ of grid full of crystals and glitters in silver which, surely, did not leave anyone indifferent.

    This was formulated by two pieces, a ‘crop top‘ straps with a square neckline that exposed her blue satin bra and a mini skirt a matching one that was fastened just below the belly with a black leather belt.

    For footwear, Rihanna combined it with high-heeled sandals -also in silver- matching the mini handbag, the sparkly chocker and the rings. Although she also opted for a short gray fur coat that she wore at the height of her elbows and that managed to finish off the singer’s groundbreaking styling. What will she surprise us with next time?

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