Marvel, revealed the actors who have had a real love story

Marvel films or more generally cinecomics, in the last ten years, have literally exploded becoming practically a genre in its own right and also very successful as we can see. Among other things, what many do not know is that several love relationships were born on the various sets in this decade and today we are going to reveal them all.

We know, in fact, that there is nothing wrong with falling in love at work, in fact, there are several celebrity couples who met and approached during the shooting of a film. Let’s start by talking about the actor of the moment regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Tom Holland.

The most famous couple of Marvel actors is certainly the one formed by Tom Holland and Zendaya

Tom Holland and Zendaya-

The latest incarnation of Peter Parker, in fact, impressed the beautiful Mary Jane even in real life, forming a full-fledged couple. Specifically, the leading actor of Uncharted And Zendaya they were caught exchanging a passionate kiss in the car. Not only that, on another occasion the couple was also spotted with her parents, sparking a lot of curiosity among her fans.

The two, therefore, as we wanted to demonstrate, are engaged in a relationship which, however, has been made public through Instagram only recently. A couple to say the least ruthless, however, is the one formed by Scarlet Witch and Loki ie Elizabeth Olsen And Tom Hiddleston. The two former villains, in fact, although they never got close in the course of the films, saw a relationship between their interpreters in 2015.

There are three relationships undertaken by Tom Hiddleston with his colleagues

Tom Hiddleston-

The conquests of the god of deception, however, were not limited to Olsen and in fact Hiddleston was even paparazzi with Kat Dennins who shared with him the set of the first cinecomic dedicated to Thor. Furthermore, Tom has carried on in this sense by weaving a relationship even with an actress who has not yet debuted in a Marvel film, that is Zawe Ashton.

The longest relationship in this ranking, however, is undoubtedly the one between Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner, which went on for twelve years. Specifically, they met at the dawn of modern cinecomics when they were engaged on the set of Dare devil respectively in the role of the protagonist and Elektra.

Finally, let’s close by talking about one of the most famous couples of recent years, that is the one formed by Ryan Reynolds And Scarlett Johansson, known in the MCU as Deadpool and Black Widow. The two, in fact, were married from 2008 to 2011 and also seeing them again on the set together will be impossible given the latest developments in the saga.

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