Kris Jenner Praised For Showing Off Her REAL Skin Texture In Rare No-Makeup Scene With Kim Kardashian On New Hulu Show

KRIS Jenner is being praised by fans for showing off her REAL skin in a makeup-free scene on The Kardashians.

The reality TV family is known for being fabulous with the help of great glamor crews.

She and Kim Kardashian did not wear makeup on the show.


The family is known for sporting glamorous looks often.


During the latest episode of The Kardashians, which airs on Hulu, Kardashian’s mom is seen enjoying a healthy breakfast with Kim, 41.

The KKW beauty mogul is distracted studying for the bar exam, which she is due to take that day for her last try.

Both Kris, 66, and Kim are nude in the scene, something fans don’t often see.

The Kardashian matriarch was praised by fans for showing off her real skin texture, rather than hiding behind makeup and filters.

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This isn’t the first time Kris has given fans a glimpse of her natural skin.

Fans were shocked to see the texture on her skin in the Met Gala photos.

Many urged her, as her famous children have, to give up photoshop and editing.

The Kardashians are no strangers to Photoshop accusations.

The reality star rarely shows fans her bare face.


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In early May, Kris attended the Met Gala with her entire family.


She was the first of the famous Kardashian family to arrive at the Met Gala as she wowed onlookers in an Oscar de la Renta dress.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum crowned the look with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, including statement earrings; a look that reminded many of the late Jackie Kennedy.

As for his date, Corey, he was wearing a navy blue suit and a white shirt.

However, it was not what the fans were talking about.

One user took to Reddit after seeing a rare raw snapshot of Kris at the event.

In the photo, Kris looks completely natural, giving fans a glimpse of her real skin texture without editing or filtering.

“Everyone save it before it’s wiped off the internet!” one person joked, referring to the time the family tried to get Khloe Kardashian’s unedited bikini photo removed from the web.

However, they added, “He actually looks pretty good for his age. The makeup is heavy, but I imagine that’s what you need for those heavy lights.”

“Her dress looks great. She is very close to being the best dressed Kar-Jenner this year ».

One commenter said, “Kind of refreshing to see her like this, actually,” while another agreed, writing, “That’s what I’m saying! It’s good to see it without filters.”

Another fan chimed in: “This photo is kind of sad. The photos that Kris and her daughters post are completely different from what they look like in reality… I really hope that one day in this life they will all be happy and accept their true image. »


A month earlier, Kris showed off her natural skin texture during a session with a Beverly Hills dermatologist.

She looked fresh as she showed off her glowing complexion and had my hair pulled back from my face.

The reality star shared a photo of herself receiving laser treatment, captioning it, “The laser before the laser.

“Thank you @simonourianmd1 for always caring so much!”

In another, she showed off her rejuvenated complexion, writing, “Results! Ready!”.

Last week, Kris sparked comments about her appearance after photos circulated showing her extreme photo retouching efforts to blur her skin and texture.

A red carpet photo of the reality star was posted on Reddit along with a snap of her looking glam in products from Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s makeup line.

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The thread, titled BEFORE Kendall and Kylie Cosmetics and AFTER, was filled with fans criticizing Kris for her egregious use of Photoshop and more.

It also featured some fans who noted that it looked great in the raw photo.

Kris showed off her bare face in a rare makeup-free scene for her Hulu show


Kris was previously celebrated for unfiltered Met Gala photos


The famous family has let fans back into their lives with their new show.


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