Kourtney Kardashian fans think they found daughter Penelope’s SECRET TikTok after 9-year-old stopped using main account

KOURTNEY Kardashian fans think they have found her daughter, Penelope’s secret Tiktok account.

The 9-year-old stopped using her principal last month.

Kourtney Kardashian stuns in a sheer white top as daughter Penelope, 9, flaunts a $ 1.8,000 Gucci coat before Christmas Eve party


Penelope had a joint account on Tiktok with her mother, Kourtney, called @pandkourt, who currently has over 3.6 million followers.

The videos mainly consisted of her showing products, dancing with her mom, and funny videos with the family.

However, there have been no videos on the account as of April 25th.

The last was Penelope playing with slime.

Kardashian fans spot ANOTHER

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Investigators on Reddit found that the inactivity could be due to the fact that he has a new account.

“Penelope has a new Tiktok account,” read the thread with a sad emoji.

The original poster shared a screenshot of the Tikotk account, whose username is @ aestheticqueen118.

Aside from the fact that there are videos of her back of the neck and her face covered, the same type of video that Penelope posted on her account are now on this one.

Videos of products, manicures and other POV videos have been posted on the account.

It is unverified and has only 12.8k followers, but fans are convinced that this is Penelope’s secret account.

The first video was released on March 21 and the most recent was released just a day ago.


Fans are convinced this is Penelope even though there is no evidence.

“This came up on my fyp and people seem to think it’s Penelope, I think so is I. Mostly it’s just showertok, but I wonder why it’s a new account and not the pandkourt account from before. “

“This is basically what Pandkourt’s account was before it exploded, so I guess he wanted to go back to anonymity,” added one commentator with an emoji shrugging.

This account appears to be only Penelope and not Kourtney, which makes fans believe she created it herself.

“Do you think Kourtney knows? Comments are not turned off yet, ”a fan asked.

“Why does he need a public account? I don’t really understand why a 9 year old girl has to be on social media for the whole world. Give her preference and let her follow her cousins ​​and friends. I’m so disgusting that you shit. I am very protective of children and find them so irritating, ”wrote another.

Some fan trolls on her account and ask if it’s really her and Reddit users just want people to leave her alone.

“I saw it a while ago and P makes Scott’s house so beautiful. People should leave the ac alone, let her share her skincare in peace lmaooo, ”they said.

It is not confirmed whether the story is his or not, but all signs indicate that it is.


Kourtney may not even know she has another account.

Penelope lives a rather luxurious life.

In addition to having social media at just 9, the reality star’s daughter gets regular manicures and pedicures and even has an iPhone.

Penelope wears face masks and indulges in a skincare routine.

As she winked at him on her king-size bed, Penelope lay down next to a $ 1.5,000 Hermes blanket.

Her spacious, minimalist bedroom included white silk sheets, a neon sign that read “love me” and even a tiny avocado pillow.

Scott Disick’s daughter was seen in designer clothes and accessories, including a $ 1.8k Gucci jacket.

For her ninth birthday, she was given a custom pink drum kit, which is fitting since her stepfather, Travis Barker, is a drummer.

And that’s only half of what Kourtney’s daughter has.

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Penelope is the middle daughter of Kourtney and Scott.

He shares his luxurious lifestyle with his siblings: Mason, 12, and Reign, 7.

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