Kim Kardashian’s Boyfriend Pete Davidson Stars in H&M Campaign

couple of kim kardashiancomedian, actor, writer and producer, the name of Peter Davidson has become one of the most viral of the moment also due to his particular style that has led him to participate in the new H&M campaign.

Just a few days ago, Davidson starred in one of the most controversial moments behind the scenes of the Met Gala when he asked for his partner, kim kardashian, remove the cap that he wore during the event for being inappropriate. And it is that, Davidson’s style is characterized precisely by giving people something to talk about.

If I see something I like, I wear it, it’s that simple”explains the comedian of the television program Saturday night Live, one of the most emblematic on the American grill. Davidson, who also participates in “Guy Code” (both on MTV), is clear about his particular style since his childhood: “But now I don’t have my mother behind me to forbid me to go out dressed like that.”

A way of dressing that breaks away from the canons established for men’s fashion, and opts for pastel shades, flowers and also bright ones. “It’s great that men live their lives doing what they want. If you spend the weekend playing video games, you’re not going to do it in a suit“, he says about his way of dressing, casual, transgressive and urban.

“Dress with what makes you feel good, with what makes you happy”, recommends someone who selects their wardrobe without being influenced by others: “Social networks are not part of my life, I don’t waste time looking for looks from others to want to see me like them”.

That’s why he advises “that each one wears what each one wants, as simple as that” and acknowledging appearing “in costume every Saturday to make people laugh” on Saturday Night Live.

“I’m funny, I’m used to it, these things make your skin thicker (…). I’m used to not caring what other people think about what I’m wearing.”explains the New Yorker, for whom the main requirement he is looking for in clothing is that it “cover the body” through garments with long sleeves and legs.

He admits opting for “floral prints and purple“, and selects as his essentials” a flannel shirt, a good cardigan, a hoodie, a T-shirt and jeans, says Davidson, who now stars in a campaign for the Swedish fashion firm H&M due to his particular style. which, he asserts, sums up its spirit.

“We wear clothes every day, so why do we have to dress like everyone else? This campaign is not about style, but about freedom and having fun, which is how things and life should be.”

The New Yorker, who although he was known for accumulating celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Kaia Gerber, Miley Cyrus or Phoebe Dynevor among his ex-partners, now consolidates his name as a benchmark for masculine style clothing that he always accompanies with his inseparable sense of humor within and off screens.


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